Enterprise website article writing optimization (SEO) practical tutorial

[China Glass Network] The optimization of the article page is also a topic that has been written badly, but I found that most of the articles written on the Internet are copied and pasted, or shallowly talked about, or the theory is confused, there is no real one. Operability. Today I probably summed up some, combined with some of my own experience to write it out, or that sentence: bricks with bricks, knife with a knife, brother can hold.

Article title writing optimization

The title of the article is a more important part of the article page. A good title is directly related to the click rate of this article. Corporate website titles in the writing process need to grasp the colleagues who can resonate with the user's psychological needs should also pay attention to the layout of the keywords, as well as the user's search habits. Personal summary, the specific method:

1. Pay attention to the use of special words. For example: how, free, complete, official, real, internal, detailed, (real) reasons. Such words can be of interest to the user.

2. The title shows a number. For example: xx steps let you become a SEO master, xxx methods to double the website traffic, and so on. This way title writing, adding accurate digital users looks more clear.

3, use less declarative sentences, and ask users more questions. This is not an example. Everyone understands that a title is rarely interesting if you make a statement, and it is not a hot topic, but if you turn it into a question, it is different, because the way people think when they are young is Solve the problem. When you see a problem (for example: 1+1=?), the brain subconsciously searches for answers in your own mind. If you can't find it, it will naturally cause curiosity, which greatly increases the title. The probability of being clicked.

4, long tail keyword layout. This is written on the Internet. I don't have much to say about it. I don't want to make garbage for the Internet. Let's ask the mother. I only mention that one article only has a long tail keyword.

Article text optimization optimization <br> <br> body of the article is mainly related to a keyword layout, keyword and dilution problems.

1. The first paragraph of optimization: the first paragraph of text is generally original, and the first paragraph is repeated with the long sentence of the title and bold. In order not to be judged by the search engine to be over-optimized, we need to dilute the long tail of the title, that is, the long tail of the long tail, and combine it into word segmentation, which is reasonably distributed in the content (note that the statement is fluent and the density is reasonable).

2, the content optimization of the middle section of the article: the middle section is a general term for other paragraphs except the first and last paragraphs (I invented). There is not much work to be done here. It is enough to have the title long tail keyword and the long tail word segment appear more than 3 times (of course, the specific number depends on the length of the article to control, I will follow the 1K word article here). If the middle part of the content is written according to a relatively clear subtitle or link words, such as: preferred, second, then; front, second, third, etc. ("Feng Zhiqiang said" most of the articles are such a form). The articles organized in this way must be summarized in the first sentence of each paragraph to explain the general meaning of this paragraph, and then slowly elaborate, because not everyone has time to see the complete paragraph of nonsense.

3, the end of the optimization: the end is similar to the first paragraph, but also high original content, the title long tail appears and bold, the difference is to pay attention to the reader, such as telling him to click on the online consultation, click on the purchase link below Etc., or a personal blog can give readers an update date and forecast for the next article at the end to increase the visitor's return rate.

4, the text of the text and the processing of the anchor text: This part of the content is also written a lot on the Internet, not to mention, you know, a hint, an article an anchor text.