GIRDEAR Gedi 2015 Summer New Women's Album

To embrace pure and fanatical romanticism, lace shirts are the highlights of this season's gorgeous romance. The exquisitely detailed hollow design is exquisite and lightweight, revealing a psychedelic and soft color that can be perfectly matched to present a fresh, feminine look. The delicate -----

Chu Court Fashion Women: I heard that the dress and Dra…

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming, which means that a real summer is coming. Is the hot summer of the hot sun, how can a cool dress slip. Xiao Bian today for everyone to recommend Chu Pavilion 2015 summer several sundresses, likes to quickly start it! 1, gauze wide-bows harness dress S-----

Matters needing attention when sandblasting

Sand blasting is driven by compressed air to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray (copper ore, quartz sand, corundum, iron sand, Hainan sand) at high speed to the surface of the workpiece to be treated. The blasting machine makes the outer surface of the workpiece sur-----

High impact high modulus polypropylene

Abstract: High impact high modulus polypropylene (PP) was developed. Two kinds of PP blends with the best comprehensive performance were selected from several PP combinations. The effects of different toughening agents and their dosages, talc powders with different particle sizes and their amounts -----

MYSCISSORS Chic Women 2015 Summer Freehand

The fluctuating lines line up with the elegance of vitality. The crisp cuts are complemented by the pure Molan, which depicts the romantic charm of summer, the waistband that moves with heart, and the graceful and graceful temperament. The design of the upper slit is embellished with a freely adjus-----

Ports 1961 Ports 2016 Early Spring Vacation Series New …

In 1961, Ports was born in Toronto, a beautiful and cultural Canadian port city. Mr. Luke Tanabe, the founder, loves to travel around the world and pursue the lifestyle of “taking a dip in the Sahara Desert in the morning and dinner in New York in the evening”. With the spirit of advoca-----

Jewelry is not always "high". Perhaps its &qu…

Jewelry looks always a "high on the ground" feeling, in fact, sometimes their "predecessor" is very simple, is the common items in life, or goods you are familiar with. These familiar elements have a new coat in the hands of the designer, and they are t-----