Aquamarine tips

Aquamarine and the sapphire we often say are two completely different gemstone categories. In mineralogy, aquamarine, emerald and emerald are called beryl. Aquamarine is generally azure or sea blue, with less inclusions, transparent, hexagonal crystal shape. Under the illu-----

Brazilian brand Colcci 2015 autumn and winter series ad…

The Brazilian brand Colcci 2015 autumn and winter series of advertising exposure, the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen (Gyzer Bundchen) with a sports cowboy debut endorsements this season, the ad blond supermodel Bund Chen also with models Sean O'pry ( Shawn O'Brien) teamed up with phot-----

Crystal hole identification method

The crystal cave is the crystallization of nature, absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, has ornamental value and also has a great feng shui effect. The amethyst cave is the most kingly style in the crystal cave. Crystal hole identification method: 1. There is no -----

Several jade similar to jade

What is the old pit of the jade? The old pit is also called the old factory. The new pit is also called the new factory or the new factory jade. In the jade mine, the jadeite that has been deposited and deposited by the river water is called the old pit old factory. Those-----

Plaid single product suitable for children to wear it? …

In the past two years the classic plaid has always been the favorite of the fashion industry. From check dress to plaid jacket, from plaid bag to plaid scarf, plaid appears to be ubiquitous in our life. So children are not suitable for the same plaid single product? Of course, the answer is yes, th-----

odbo women's series mix and match fun nostalgic &qu…

odbo Opel women's series winter new, 100% high-end wool and three-dimensional texture stitching bring out the touch and visual elegance nostalgic crazy sense of luster, natural, soft, warm and type. Fashionable short jacket, sleeves and body fabric stitching the design will be reduced shoulde-----

Warmly congratulate Tianzi Fang Puning clothing store f…

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tianzifang company, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, the star enterprise of Puning underwear lingerie star Guangdong Tianzi Fang underwear Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Puning International Garment City Tianzi Fang underwear flagship Shop -----