edela stylish wool coat elegant and stylish all winter

edela brand women , has been committed to 22-year-old independent, confident, mature international urban women, providing tailored fashion clothing. Many of its outstanding team of designers, all the time to capture the international epidemic of information, Edila attention to fabric, color with t-----

AOLINFEINI color coat sweet superior farewell colorless…

Aolinfeini fashion boutique Co., Ltd. was established in October 2011, the company is committed to its brand: AOLINFEINI Aolinfeini clothing, apparel, leather goods and other product design and marketing operations, the company founder insisted that "people-oriented and harmonious Win-win sit-----

Industrial application of textiles as a new growth pole

This year's economic boom has made the textile industry slow, but industrial textiles are becoming an important growth pole. Li Lingshen, president of the China Association of Industrial Textiles, revealed recently that with the active promotion of the government, industrial textiles -----

How can new products quickly open up the market?

[China Glass Network] How to quickly open new markets for new products for new products that are ready to go public or are already on the market are urgently needed to solve and face problems. So how do new products quickly open up the market? Combining years of practical expe-----

MAINLOG2013 spring new receptacle released

MAINLOG2013 spring new appearance released! Elegant fashion is the focus of never ending on the romantic stage. Comfortable leisure is the touch of life to enjoy life, the blue is quiet, is clear, white is pure, is true, black is mysterious, is noble, green is nature, is green, red is passionate, -----

Eddie Denton Dayton classic winter match

AidyDanton Eddie Denton brand is a business history with a long history of men's casual wear brand, classic, elegant style of the brand positioning, reflecting the success of urban men's fashion introverted, advocating freedom, independent and progressive attitude to life. Aidi Denton by vi-----

Vanke Self-made enterprise standards approved standards…

A few days ago, the customer company spent more than one year developing its own corporate standards to improve product quality and ensure product safety. It officially passed the approval and registration of the Beijing Fengtai District Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. A few days ago, Va-----