37 degrees love fashion lingerie love life beauty

As a professional clothing operator integrating design, production and sales, 37 ° Love Brand Operation Center has conquered innumerable consumers with its unique artistic design, superb technology, scientific management and standardized market operation. Under the jurisdiction of the three jo-----

Earl Dracula men's effort to create men in the &quo…

COUNTDRACULA Earl of Dracula, nocturnal, immortal, his insidious pale face forever, beautiful mouth always hidden fangs and sacrificed blood; but he was well-dressed, courteous, emits a woman irresistible Charm. In 1462, the famous Florent III, the Prince of Dracula, the capital of Transylvania, th-----

The specific steps of pure wool carpet cleaning

The following is a brief introduction to the method of cleaning pure wool carpets, so that everyone has a certain understanding and understanding of the cleaning methods of pure wool carpets. The cleaning agent used for cleaning should be foamy. The tool is generally a brush for brushing the -----

Sophisticated ladies summer 2012, chiffon skirt elegant…

Wood silk exquisite Shu women's 2012 summer chiffon skirt elegant struck! A simple chiffon skirt is not only charming and dignified elegant Zhen Yi, wearing a sense of ease, but also add to the delicate and beautiful beauty. Whether it is sweet and elegant lady style or intellectual cool simpl-----

Han meaning brand discount women's apparel 2012 dom…

Han Yi discount women 's brand discount women's clothing wholesale base, the company registered as "Shenzhen Blue Grass Xuan Garments Co., Ltd." was established in 2000, after more than 11 years of experience in the operation of women's clothing, to continue the wholesale bra-----

Wear viva voce brand women feel the voice of life

viva voce from Paris, China Resources Apparel (Holdings) under the brand. China Resources Textile Group in addition to the country has more than 20 wholly-owned or holding production and brand operations, at the same time have CK CalvinKlein international apparel brand in China's long-term age-----

SNOOPY Snoopy Jiangsu Merchants Merchants 2012 "Fa…

2012 Fashion "Fashion" Wealth "Earn" keeps going! For a small business startup, what business can make money? How can we manage to be unbeaten and undaunted in the competition? The answer is—1. brand background; 2. company strength; 3. policy and support; 4. market devel-----