Demand selection in internet marketing

[China Glass Network] Websites are made for users. Of course, users are very casual when searching with search engines. For example, if your website is a sheephead, 80% of the users may have the same user. I like the bull's head. You can also put a bull's head. Remember to use too many small ones. This may also satisfy two-way customers. But this kind of thinking is not unreasonable. Everyone's search results are different, and the needs are sometimes different. You can place a slogan in your product to guide the past, and it may be effective in a small corner. This is also the placement of related words. In fact, this practice is also very realistic.

[placement thinking]

When you search for what words to use, consider and investigate what users might search for to find the content of our website. The webmaster thinks as a user. You must use non-professional keywords to identify customers. This is also a factor.

[combined needs]

What is the combination of demand and user needs, combined with the needs of the public. What the public likes is better, such as indispensable household products, refrigerators, air conditioners, of course, in many ways. Regarding the age limit, the regional demand for restrictions is different. And this need requires you to understand, to find the user's needs to remember is the needs of the mass users, not individual.

[Baidu Index]

The index can be said to be a relatively effective choice. The index of a word proves the demand for this product. Why do you search for women when they have a woman's word? They are large websites. They know that women's needs are relatively wide and directly monopolize the market. The remaining market can be said to be part of it and needs to be tapped.

[Keyword Tool]

The choice of keyword tools, you can use love warfare, this personal favorite reference data. Related words, Baidu drop-down box.

The above practices mainly remind the relevance of keywords, the amount of demand, and which are suitable for the choice of demand. The webmaster understands the user's perspective to achieve his own profit. Put the user in the front position and think about the problem. A certain profession, a different profession, pays attention to different things, and the way of doing things is different. What you need is an independent choice to think about independent choices. It is the ability to think about problems. It is not that you do everything by the way. In this case, you are not a qualified webmaster. It is not a suitable network for survival and does not meet the conditioning.