Business gift collection trend enhancement

With the improvement of material living standards, the higher the people's demand for spiritual life, the “spiritual life appeal” of the recipients is, to a certain extent, reflected in the increase in the collection of business gifts. From March 14th to 17th, "The 25th China Beijing International Gifts, Premiums and Housewares Exhibition" was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. It consists of Shandong Gold, Prosperity Culture, Yongyin Coin, Daxu Valley Culture, and Beijing Golden Age. Collectibles such as the classic Tibetan and Vantone collections have become a hot item for the Beijing Show, and the gift market has gradually expanded its collection of business gifts.

Collectibles can be used as a gift or as a collection, so its dual attributes have also been welcomed by consumers. With the development of China's modern gift industry, collectible gifts and souvenirs are popular with people because of their potential appreciation space and cultural heritage, and they also attract many collectors' collections.

Cultural relics, jewels, coins, coins, stamps, badges, ceramics, paintings, and so on. They may be ideological, artistic, or interesting, monumental, and other factors. They are high-grade and rare. , with great potential for appreciation. These collection gifts have their special taste and are excellent carriers of contemporary gift culture. At the same time, because it has a certain value and room for appreciation, it can be more important for the recipient, or placed on the desk or on the desk, so that it will be timeless and a testimony of time.

For collectibles, calligraphy, antiques, rocks, coins, etc., almost all require higher investment costs. Especially from the famous calligraphy and paintings and antiques with the keywords "history" and "rare". There is no "cognizant" view of artistic goods without artistic quality, so you must not use "life-saving money" to invest in collectibles. Experts suggest that it is best to be a hobby. The amount of funds should not exceed 10% of the total assets.

In addition, in addition to traditional collections, collection of business gifts also includes gifts of emotional commemorative value. Such as printed with your wife photo frame photo frame, engraved with your name ceramic memorial plate, etc., with "special" "custom" special commemorative gifts. The value of such gifts is not necessarily high, and there is not necessarily room for appreciation as time passes. However, due to the special meaning reflected by its “specialty”, the recipients will cherish them. The gift giver wishes that every gift he wishes to send should not be shelved, even discarded, and does not want to be a “warm burden” on the recipient. It would be wrong to send such a gift with special commemorative significance.