LONG (Lann) women to create a unique charm

Lenn High Fashion Women , dedicated to the pursuit of exquisite life and unique taste, fashion, noble, elegant and confident urban beauty. Emphasize the urban women's personality style, with a keen fashion sense to show the unique charm. Tailored to meet the needs of women in different occasions dress code, so that fashion-conscious women, whether it is working, dating, going out or in the ball, in the "LONG Rann" can find the most suitable clothing.

兰恩 - LONG

LONG has always been adhering to the modern urban style of elegance, fashion and perfect quality, with a restrained and peaceful design to express persistent personality and elegant atmosphere; all the way from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai ... They are independent, intelligent Unique taste, LONG (Lann) women throughout the major cities in China, not short translation of the traditional and modern, to achieve harmony with the reality. Elegant and subtle, the combination of quality and fashion. Slender silhouette shape, elegant details, soft colors and special fabrics, LONG (Lann) forever interpretation of modern urban women elegant subtle, gentle and graceful unique personality. In the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury, stylish but not drifting, elegant and natural show, continue to create a woman's dream.