ABC Children's Wear Spring 2013 presents you a colorful "Global Tour"

Romantic Venice Watercourses, Vintage Roman Streets, Bustling New York City, Gorgeous Indian Colors, Mystical Rainforest ... ABC's designers are looking for creative inspiration all over the world and this season presents you with a colorful "Global Tour" . ABC brand 2013 spring girls series of new products, boldly large-scale printing repeated appearance of colorful tropical plants and animals, to create a gorgeous jungle style, take you into a mysterious "world of animals and plants", enjoy the birth and Miracle of the rainforest. ABC2013 spring new ABC2013 spring ABC2013 new ABC2013 spring new varieties of Indian beauty fairy style, so Little Lolita seems to be in the jungle butterfly spirit, free to breathe this touch of early spring freshness, enjoy the release of innocence breath .

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