The new center of the Central Jewelry Trading Center is emerging as a jewellery marriage real estate

Phoenix Net reported: On January 20th, the investment promotion conference of Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building jointly organized by Xingda Group and Hong Kong Jinmeifu Jewelry was successfully held. Guo Wanquan, the head of Guancheng District of Zhengzhou City, and Li Jinping, the director of Guancheng District Business Bureau, was responsible for the government department. The person and the relevant person in charge of Xingda Group attended the conference.

For the jewelry industry in Henan and even the whole country, this commercial project located at the intersection of Zijingshan Road and East Street in Zhengzhou Central Business District will have an amazing wealth potential in the future under the background of the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone.

Jewelry Marriage Real Estate

Jewelry industry business circle pattern is emerging

Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building is located in the jewellery industry business circle center formed by East and West Street. It is a jewelry industry building integrating wholesale, retail, display and supporting functions. The building adopts an integrated operation mode of upstairs operation management and downstairs display retail, which enables the jewellery enterprise headquarters and its sales terminals to have effective interaction, which provides a greater development space for jewelry enterprises, meets the development of jewelry enterprises and expands the scale of the company. Pursue the need for management efficiency.

Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building was invested by Hong Kong Jinmeifu Jewelry Co., Ltd. to provide consulting services. Later, Xingda Group formed a business management team responsible for the operation and management of the entire commercial body. Chen Meifeng, Chairman of Jinmeifu Group, said: "In the future, the 1st to 3rd floors of the Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building will be used for the sales and display of jewelry brands, and the 4th floor will be equipped with multi-functional conference halls, gymnasiums, business restaurants and other service facilities."

The 5th to 27th floors of the building are used by jewelry brands as their operations management center. At present, some large-scale jewellery companies have pre-empted, mainly concentrated in the 20~25 floors of the building, and the average selling price is more than 14,000 yuan per square meter.

Help Henan jewelry industry

The rise of the new jewelry trading center

The emergence of Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building is a small step for the project, which may mean a big step for the Henan jewelry industry. According to Ding Guanghui, the director of the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Jinyin Jewelry in Henan Province, in the areas where the jewelry industry in Guangzhou and Shenzhen has been relatively mature, similar jewelry buildings exist intensively. These moderately populated industrial buildings tend to gain wider attention within the industry than scattered jewellery merchants or small markets, and are more likely to breed mature supporting units and facilities.

"From this perspective, the birth of the Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building, for the Henan jewelry industry, means that there is a chance to radiate to a farther area." Ding Guanghui said.

In the eyes of the industry, once this project is completed, it will have an impact on changing the pattern of Henan jewelry industry. The most intuitive impact is that "the formation of such a pattern will undoubtedly make it easier for Henan jewelry industry to go northeast and Shanxi." Cities such as Shandong and Shandong exert their influence in depth. It is equivalent to taking root in the hinterland of the Central Plains, and then extending the tentacles to the northeast, Shandong, Shanxi and other places. After all, for the northeast and other northern regions, access to brand resources in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places still has A lot of inconvenience."

What is certain is that after the two stages of Henan jewelry wholesale experience “zero-breaking” and “scale”, some local leading enterprises have begun to take the road of branding. The emergence of Xingda International Trade Jewelry Building may mean a jewelry in the central region. The rise of the new trading center. (This website Xiaobian Xie Shupan)

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