Water children's winter models to create British style is too Lolita

Simple, gorgeous international urban style is the basic SOUHAIT children's clothing positioning, which produces a series of multiple thematic stories each year. In addition, SOUHAIT children's wear under the guidance of "ethnic & fashion" advocate "traditional fashion, national internationalization." Continue to carry forward and carry forward the Chinese culture, quarterly will launch the corresponding theme of the national wind products, the past few years, the series of products well received by consumers. British style shirt shirt shirt is very able to show innocent children's joy, with jeans, cotton winter coat to cold Oh. Cute bow pattern pink sweater with denim pleated skirt, with wheat coats must have been Lolita 100% choice.

Main Features :
    Small construction machinery engine is researched and  developed by QuanChai, integrate domestic and foreign advanced engine design concept, adopt Pro-E, UG and other advanced 3D design software, use advanced CAE analysis technology, optimized structure improve the  stiffness of parts , fully guarantee the high reliability, strong power, good economy.
*Using the direct injection combustion chamber, easy starting, low oil consumption, good economy.
*Long stroke, large torque backup, strong power.
*The engine has stable speed, small vibration, low noise performance advantages.
*The key parts are same as of parts for vehicle diesel engine,better exchange and universality and durable.
*The structure is compact, light weight, convenient installation and arrangement.

*The market retains quantity is large , sufficient spare parts, convenient maintenance.

    Contruction machinery series diesel engine consistent with good quality , the use of the direct injection combustion chamber ,easy to start , low fuel consumption ,economy , compact structure , light weight ,easy to install, it has large torque reserve , low noise and other performance advantages , The key components are optimized for high-speed automotive diesel engine parts and components ,so that the reliablity of diesel engine has good market interchangeability and versatility . 

Supercharger For Construction Machinery

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