FACILE brand women Paris white to create luxury ladies style

FACILE combines traditional elegance concepts with modern elements. His works are original, magnificent and colorful. They not only follow the considerate and practical design principles, but also show the sexy and feminine side of urban women. Each series of clothing are tailored fine, true story station, series can also be a single product portfolio. Suitable for work, dating, leisure, so women can easily deal with a variety of occasions.


Paris white long down jacket looks warm and comfortable look, waist belt just split the upper and lower body proportions, so that the overall Look looks very layered, this dress must be eye-catching out in the winter, oh.

FACILE品牌女装 巴黎白缔造奢华名媛风

Elegance of the woolen coat to wear out of the tide of flu to IN, waistband waistline to show the perfect body line, unique collar design and hair elements are the key to create a sense of luxury winning.

Draw Texturing Yarn (DTY) which is made from Pre-Oriented yarn by the texturing forming process.  The fiber is crimp, with high fleeciness and elasticity. The yarn fabric is soft, skin-friendly and soft-reflected in color.

Main production equipment Germany Barmag FK6-1000 and Japan TMT ATF-1500FOUR


Elastic :high elastic(1 heater) and normal elastic ( 2 heater)

Intermingle: non-intermingled(mostly used for weaving as weft yarn or circular knitting), light intermingled(mostly used for circular knitting and warp knitting), high intermingle (mostly used for weaving as warp yarn).

Luster: bright, semi dull, full dull.

Across-section: round, flat, cross.



Mainly used in the production of home textile fabric and garment fabric, applied to rapier looms, water jet looms, air jet looms, circular knitting and warp knitting, its has the characteristics of good brightness, smoothness, bright dyeing. S+Z No-torque is widely used for knitting high grade end flat fabric.



Polyester Draw Texturing Yarn

Textured Yarn,Polyester DTY Draw Textured Yarn,Polyester Draw Texturing Yarn,Draw Texturing Yarn

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