Qianxi Di women's New Year dress to show you the new atmosphere

Cissy Ladies Urban Series For 25-40 years old women's professional casual wear for independent, confident, mature urban women to provide personalized tailoring fashion clothing, the classic penetration of the latest fashion sense, simple style highlights the elegant femininity, Let them work and leisure occasions can feel the temperament and beauty.

茜诗迪 - CXDTOP

Delicate dress lines highlight the graceful posture of women, cloak design piercing the slim arm, the waist waist girdle perfect split the upper and lower body proportions, Look looks more coordinated.

茜诗迪女装 拜年裙装让你展现新气象

Dirk styling dress is the first choice in winter ride, with black bottoming socks and bare boots seems to fit the lower part of the Look, elongate the curve.

Bronzing Fabric

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