When the red Korean actress interpretation of early spring fashion shoes with

Ben Wang, February 17th, in the early spring, when the warmth of the clothing is the most dynamic, how can you wear a gas field like a big star? Here we come to watch their early spring mix, so popular Korean star to teach you to wear in the early spring Clothes outfit with skills.

Kim So Yeon wears a white dress

Skirt demonstration: Jin Suyi dressed in a white dress looks simple design but exudes elegant temperament, chest metal jewelry embellishment pattern has a sense of expansion, just highlight the exquisite curves, let the whole person look Bumpy, full of charming charm.

Kim So Yeon perspective red lace dress is very sexy

Skirt demonstration: The golden lace fabric with a perspective material design is very sexy. Red is not affected by the seasons and fashion. The unique strong visual impact makes your appearance more visible. Therefore, it is also one of the colors that the stars love to use.

Park Shih-hyun hit color dress

Skirt demonstration: Park Shih-poo has always been a good choice Park Si-ho chose a hit color dress, blue and orange collision gives a retro beauty, simple and smooth cutting, revealing elegant and capable color.

Xiu Ying leather and cotton short sleeves

Dress demonstration: Xiuying leather and cotton splicing short-sleeved tops, with high-waist silk skirt and fish-pump heels to make your body more lines, the whole person looks more temperament.

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