The meaning of birthday gems

The meaning of the gems is profound. The gems worn during the month of birth are as follows:

Wearing garnet in January, this fiery garnet is a symbol of sincere friendship. Wearing a garnet ring will make you feel optimistic and calm in difficult times, and will never forget the trust and help of your friends.

Wearing amethyst in February, it is said that amethyst can make people wake up when they are drunk and furious, making people smart and intelligent, and men can get more love from their wives.

Wearing aquamarine in March, the transparent and bright aquamarine can make the person wearing the ring invincible in the war or in a lawsuit. It can make love always new.

Wearing diamonds (diamonds) in April, the crystal clear, radiant diamond is considered to be the "king of gems". It is unbeatable, hard, pure and transparent, symbolizing a strong love. And can make people healthy, rich, happy and invincible.

Wearing emeralds in May, the color of the green grass can distinguish whether the lover’s pledge is sincere. It can also make people wise, prosperous and predict the future.

Wearing pearls in June, the pearl is known as the "Queen of Gems." Its beautiful, white and innocent appearance symbolizes humility and purity. People also think that pearls can cure insomnia. If you wear pearls, you can have a good dream and have good luck.

Wearing ruby ​​in July, it is regarded as the "ruby" of the "Sun Gems". It can protect the owner from the enemy's damage and make the owner healthy, peaceful and harmonious.

Wearing olivine in August, the transparent, bright, dark yellow green of olivine is known as the stone. It is said that the olivine can free people from the disaster and drive away the fear of the night.

Wearing sapphire in September, this pure blue gem, wearing it can escape evil and be respected by people. When people encounter difficulties, it can also help and heal people's trauma.

Wearing cat eyes in October, the magical brilliance of the opal makes people carefree, life full of fun and joy.

Wearing citrine in November, the radiance of citrine gold will bring friendship and love, making you more happy when you are newly married. Make you feel warm on cold days.

Wearing the turquoise in December, the beautiful blue-green of the turquoise can help you avoid accidents and misfortunes. You will make a fortune with the turquoise jewelry, and your career will be successful. I am full of love in my life.

There are many other similar and different sayings about the birth gems. They are inconsistent because of different regions and ethnic groups. They are not customary.

As a birthday present, birthday gemstone jewelry is extremely popular.

Source: Edited in Liangcai.

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