Hoodbo colours sales reached a record high, with sales surpassing 120,000 on May 1st.

The colorful May of 2012 not only ushered in the fiery summer of early summer. In this passionate season, odbo colours (Opel) fashion brand Shenzhen Baili Store (10-year-old shop) upgraded its new image on May 1 and opened it grandly. , 20 percent off the audience, from 2 to 6 pm to provide professional VIP stylist guidance and take pictures, send 8R beautiful modeling photos. The event was a complete success and sales exceeded 120,000 on the day. The opening of the business for the local fashion women dedicate a dazzling fashion dress PARTY.

Odbo colours Fifth-generation terminal image, hired "Liankafo" Queen's designer. Fully integrated with brand elements, odbo colours terminal image has taken a new step.

Under the strong support of fashionable women as the main consumer groups, the sales network of odbo colours has rapidly expanded to all parts of the country, and now has more than 100 sales terminals. Odbo brand series of more than 480 stores across the country, annual payments exceeded 1 billion, of which 80% of the performance stems from joining agents, odbo brand series is China's most professional and most focused on the franchising chain of women's wear brand enterprises.
In order to meet the needs of fashion women across the country, odbo colours women's clothing will accelerate the construction of a market network. At present, the key investment areas are the first and second tier cities north of the Yangtze River.
Company name: Shenzhen Obi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. Zhang
Address: No. 30, Liuhe Road, Hengwang, Longgang District, Shenzhen (ODBO Industrial Park)
Tel 0755-89738115