Shan Mu lace underwear opened a precedent for seamless silk underwear

Sino-Japanese joint venture - Kai Xi Ya Hua Meng. Seamless silk underwear opened the first of its kind, thousands of years of silk culture in China and Italy, a molding of high-tech Santoni integration phase. Product Features Slim, warm, body, body sculpting, green, skin care and health. Won the "2003 China International Silk Expo" National Silk New Product Gold Award. To expand the domestic market, invites all businesses to join. And all franchisees to provide a series of preferential accession conditions.

姗慕蕾丝 - seamless

The company introduced the international advanced underwear concept, according to the human body curves and physiological functions, the use of today's electronic high-tech textile technology and the advantages of traditional silk, the acquisition of the Italian Santoni automatic seamless underwear production line, creating a seamless silk underwear precedent At present, the company has 20 full-forming seamless looms, a full set of Japan's Pegasus, heavy machinery company's professional underwear sewing machine to the most advanced and professional finishing equipment, superb technology and supporting the production of a processing Molding underwear, clothing, apparel and needle textiles; the production of knitwear apparel 1 million pieces; by the introduction of Japan's advanced management experience, with modern management team, the company to produce sophisticated products, strict compliance and won the domestic and foreign Customer trust, more than 80% of products exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other international markets.