Ives fashion casual wear has brought a young, energetic and interesting way of life

Ives is one of the six famous brands owned by Bo Yang Fashion Group in Ningbo and is a fashion leisure brand successfully launched by Bo Yang following "Tang Lion". ITISF4 presents its first surprise at the CHIC show. Its passionate design combined with the use of the latest high-tech fabrics, such as fiber-rich and spandex, provides a platform for all modern men, women and men living in a cosmopolitan city with independence, freedom, fashion and quality Tailored to bring them a young, energetic and interesting lifestyle. Ives style is unique, full of passion and full of vitality. Music and international trends are Ives design inspiration. This unique style is reflected in a close fit of the shape, tailored tailored fit, reflecting the dress of the personality, fashion style to your demeanor. Since its founding, IvesF4 has been devoted to "becoming the best fashion and leisure brand" and has continued its rapid growth over 50% for two years. It has rapidly sold over 100 million yuan in sales and has networks all over East China, Northeast China and Southwest China.