Let the dress changed to become more young and beautiful --- Poetica banana women

Shenzhen Hengtai Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a collection of product development, design, production, sales, management integration of many years of fashion production enterprises, more than 2,000 square meters workshop to create their own unique fashion style, to meet The needs of the community consumers, successfully created a "Hong Kong Hengtai" brand, targeting high-grade women in the community to launch high-fashion women, with its fashion, excellence, self-confidence, rich white-collar style of elegance.


At the same time, for many fashionable women to break the usual high consumption pattern, as Shenzhen famous brand "Hong Kong Hengtai" horizontal development brand " poetry banana " English name "Slikey" clothing, people tempting low price and high Quality, unique trend of the cold, for avant-garde casual mass of women, so that "the most youthful, most beautiful, most stylish, most touching you" and "poetry banana" gorgeous turn around. Dress for those who become more young and beautiful, in all mortal beings, alone significantly beauty, confirmed Shenzhen Hengtai fashion style and taste.