Good underwear, to skin care - Michelle even pure underwear

With the growing consumer concern about the concept of new health, the fourth generation of functional knitted underwear , that is, the skin care knit underwear that has recently become popular abroad, has become a hot spot for manufacturers and the market. Pure school as early as 2009, the skin care category of knitted clothing introduced as a new feature, naturally aroused widespread concern of consumers.

Pure school underwear on the selection of eco-friendly raw materials in the yarn, has been the National Fiber Inspection Center awarded the eco-products logo, while pure underwear in the dyeing process, the selection of non-toxic zero-formaldehyde dye, finishing Of the process, with collagen and other biological additives to replace the chemical synthesis of softener, fundamentally eliminate the source of pollution.


Celebrity endorsement is an important way for artistes to generate revenue. Why Michelle will give generous endorsements to a company for free? Michelle said making money is a happy thing, but it is even more satisfying to sow a kind of love. She said she not only endorsed underwear, but the endorsement of the consumer health needs of the trend, she and the company to advocate a "good underwear, skin care," the concept of healthy consumers.

After learning that Michelle pure propaganda underwear, in the "Diamond Love", "Happy House" starring the origin of South Korea's famous actor Kim Joo-Hye, also proposed the friendship to join the pure underwear promotion. Singapore's Best Advertising photographer in Asia, Zheng Yuhong once Pepsi-Cola produced over-the-counter advertising work, this time also regardless of pay into pure underwear promotion