Test method for air permeability of home textile fabrics

There are a lot of home textile products on the market, which are called functional home textiles of waterproof and breathable fabrics. Those brands will talk about air permeability, talk about air permeability, play word games with consumers, and even GORE-TEX will make a calculation method. About the air permeability: First of all, the so-called air permeability, called breathable in English, translated is the ability to breathe, refers to the ability of the fabric to allow water to pass. Regarding the air permeability, in fact, there are corresponding inspection standards and inspection methods in the industry. The common methods are as follows:

1, ISO11092------------ISO standard (Hohenstein laboratory's method of testing the skin pattern)

2, ASTME96-2000MethodE--------- American standard E-type test method

3, ASTME96-1995 MethodBW-------- American standard BW type test method

4, JISL1099-1985, MethodB1-------- Japanese industrial standard B1 test method

5, ASTME96-66MethodBmodified----American standard improved B-type test method

6, GoreInvertedCup-Method----------GORE company's flip cup test method These methods do not matter who is right or wrong, but one thing to note: the nominal breathable 30,000 clothes are not necessarily better than 5,000 Because they use different test methods. It is easy to see that even if it is the same measurement, the same fabric will be very different under different methods. So before deciding to buy a breathable 10,000 jacket, be sure to determine what standard it uses.

The following is a brief introduction to the ISO standard US standard GORE standard detection method:

1. American Standard ASTME96-66 MethodBmodified: The container filled with water is weighed and covered with the tested fabric. After a certain period of time, the weight of the container is reduced. The unit is g/m2; /24h.

2, Gore flip cup method (GORE products basically use this): Put the (desiccant) silica gel into the container and cast the test cloth. After a certain period of time, measure the weight added by the silica gel after absorbing moisture.

3, ISO imitation skin mode method: the test sample is placed on a porous heating platform, the test environment is wearing environment (temperature 35°C Relative humidity 40;%). The test content is the resistance that water vapor is transmitted through. The unit is Ret. The lower the resistance, the higher the air permeability.

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