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' Her song ' from the European and South Korean fashion design concept, advocating fashion, self-confidence, leisure life philosophy, full of youthful eternal beauty. Has consistently demonstrated the subtle, beautiful, stylish, tender and lively modern ladies casual style, follow the innocence of the passage of time, integrate the essence of Eastern and Western clothing culture, feeling the latest fashion information, in the calm and leisurely dress as a carrier, Tell us about the changes of this era and the perception of life, romantic and simple sensuality and calm, to create free, avant-garde yet subtle elegance and romance.


她之曲欧韩时尚女装 都市职业女性的衣橱

Product Positioning: 'her song' style of fashion lady, closer to the popular rhythm, without losing the professional knowledge of women advocated by the elegant, dignified, high-grade style.
Age Positioning: 20-45 years old Price Positioning: Spring and summer 239--339 autumn and winter 339--539

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