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With the theme of "moving dazzle me", with the attitude of self-centeredness, we can interpret the inner pursuit of spiritual self-confidence, wild unruly and narcissistic. Carrying "fashion cowboy, I most cattle X" faith, through the "color by me, simple gesture, HOLD live true me" three major theme series of interpretation of each side of BT BOY personality! I am not decadent, but I am avant-garde . (Reflect the punk style elements, as well as the sexy dress attitude) l High-speed economic operation brings high-speed social change, created a VIVIENNE WEST WOOD old punk. 2012 autumn and winter new punk style, a change of the original bohemian, casual nature, convergence has become more feminine. High heels, printing, hit nails, mesh, zipper, for us to create a new image of charming and colorful punk, this year's punk spirituality is more than decadent. Color by my fur general delegate elegant, in fact, the fur can also wear a relaxed stylish feeling. Choose a short paragraph of fur or fur vest, with street-style elements, or just decorative fur clothing, can let you wear the "Gossip Girl" style of a new era of young girls style! (Simple · My attitude) (Simple, environmental protection, comfortable and natural dress attitude) My life is so simple, in the simple experience of happiness and joy, in simple to highlight the wisdom of life. I did not say I was the most bullish, but I think I did it ... In this blubby world, we are always bound and limited by various rules, and sometimes do you want to break through and try some unique Things? Working days and weekends will be gradually blurred, warm and cold two colors, simple, fit, the main trend of comfort, the use of functional, deep processing, environmental protection fabrics, will once again bring us into pure nature. HOLD live · real me (rough shape, the atmosphere, MAN, exudes charming masculinity!) (This is my understanding and perseverance of the cowboy.) This is me, when the identification of one thing, I will be very persistent, which It is my taste, so I am different.) Denim fabric, suede and other very Western elements, to make a wide range of retro-style skirts, denim work pants, denim shirt and big buckle belt. This season's T-Taiwan show continues to the streets, bringing young and lively, sexy unruly self-tide China's first brand of fashion jeans BT official website: http: // official blog: http://blog.sina. com.cn/u/1784838282 Official Weibo: http://e.weibo.com/btboyjeans Fashion cowboy I most cattle X wealth Merchants Line:

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