QUEENSTORY Cosmos & Atlas Suzhou Wanda opened

Kun Siduo Li & Actel Lance Suzhou Wanda store grand opening on September 14, 2012, the shop area of 90 square meters, is located in Suzhou Wanda three department stores. Kun Si DuoLi, every woman is queen; Aite Lula Si, a free woman's choice; let the fashion women to enjoy the beauty of apparel.


QUEEN STORY QunSunDu pursuit of quality, the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of fashion, to create more connotation of women's clothing, interpretation of the modern life of a higher level, higher quality of life concepts and attitudes. Khun Sri Doraemon believes that every woman is a queen, is unique, a woman to master and dominate their own lives and destiny, to material and spiritual more active pursuit of quality and taste have a higher pursuit of women To be more true and confident self-expression, become a strong life, become beautiful life messenger. Kun Si DuoLi only for women, creating the king quality, creating extraordinary costumes.


"Étalage" - Aitelaisi originates from the French "advertised", with the characteristics of fashion, exquisite, beautiful, intellectual property, flaunting the intellectual content of rich, flaunt fashion does not follow, flaunting freedom is not obedient, flaunting the rational presentation of the United States.


Modern urban women have their own understanding and definition of fashion. With the accelerating pace of urban life, the space for life is also getting wider and wider, and the demand for apparel is also richer. When numerous pressures and temptations hit , Étalage presented the freedom and rationality to make urban women more confident and relaxed face, life has become more colorful, more beautiful.

Faded vanity, show nature, presents the true meaning, a woman extraordinary.

Organic Cotton Jacquard Fabric

The organic cotton jacquard fabric is woven by jacquard machine using a [chain of cards" to produce textile with complex patterns as brocade, damask and matelasse. So the Organic Cotton Jacquard Fabric looks elegant and luxury than other fabrics. Woven by organic cotton yarns, it is hypoallergenic, healthy, breathable and comfortable. There is organic cotton jacquard bleached fabric and organic cotton jacquard dyed fabric.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd mainly weaves the organic cotton jacquard fabric using 30s-120s yarns, from 200T to 1000T, in 183cm, 250cm, 280cm, 300cm and 315cm width. And then we bleach or dye the organic cotton jacquard fabric and roll on hard paper tubes, cover with plastic bags outside then pack in woven polyester bags. We always use the organic cotton jacquard fabric to make sheets, Duvet Covers and Pillowcase Slips for home, hotel and hospital.

Organic Cotton Jacquard Fabric

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