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Intellectual, elegant, delicate atmosphere, has spread from the four seasons. . . . . . .
The pursuit of independence, fashion, quality of the perfect way of life, urban women continue to deduce the fashion and intellectual, elegant and sexy harmony. Creative line segmentation and elegant local processing, bold color collision and unique fabric mix, interpretation of the sensual, romantic, refined and unique personality, from the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury. Elegant and natural show, continue to weave a woman's dream.


"RADARBIRD" Thunderbird , a focus on bringing high style for urban intellectual women, high-quality, chic luxury fashion apparel women's brand , since 1997, entered the Chinese market, pay attention to reflect both on a quarterly clothing woman noble, elegant, subtle Temperament, followed by the choice of material in the fabric of Italy, South Korea, Japan and other refined fabrics based style, the emphasis on the lines of the emphasis on self-cultivation cut, the craft rigorous.
"RADARBIRD" Ptarmigan women are located in the urban white-collar women, elegant, stylish, simple, casual style not only to maintain the original atmosphere of professional women's wear, but also joined the fashion elements, fully demonstrated the graceful and charming Oriental women unique charm.

优雅流露 编织女人的梦想——雷鸟时尚女装品牌

Women Bra

We are a professional manufacturer of women's underwear, we have women bra, women panties, Women Nightwear, women shape wear, and Women Swimwear. For women bra, we have many kinds of bra, such as Padded Bra, Wired Bra , Strapless Bra, etc. They are fashionable, comfortable and high quality. And we have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery. So if you want it all-comfort, good quality and style-trust us to deliver. 

Women Bra

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