Congratulations to HOKABR Red Kaibei Women’s Dongguan Caiyi Store on November 8th

“Enjoy extra luxury and be more beautiful”, on November 8th, an extravagant feast was grandly opened at HOKABR Dongguan Caiyi Store, adding new vitality to beauty. Numerous amateurs stop for the light and extravagant, witnessing this beautiful moment of elegance and beauty combined with art.

The HOKABR brand aims to: redefine the “light luxury” life, create an elegant, gorgeous, refined and perfect shopping space for consumers, explore the essence of life for modern urban women: focus on the texture of life, cherish the happiness of the moment, and make the temperament outstanding Become a living habit!

Fashion curtain · SHOW TIME


HOKABR Red Cabel Dongguan Cai Yi shop

Store Address: Time Mall, No. 1 Hongwei Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan City

The HOKABR brand continues to be wonderful, but the fashion journey is pursuing more than ever. When the evening is over, HOKABR will continue adhering to elegance and splendour, adhering to its dreams and moving forward.

Thank you for your companionship!

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