Play the seven major occupational diseases of jade

Any industry has occupational diseases, and the jade line is no exception. Here are some occupational disease behaviors. Have you seen any of them?

1, buy and buy

No matter where you go, the first reaction is not an attraction, not a food, but a jade market. It’s been a whole day. It’s always empty hands, and it’s full of rewards. Every time you see a jade you like, you can’t help it. Your own hands must be bought home.

2, meet Yuyou will talk about a chat

In any place, as long as someone is talking about jade, they will get together and talk to others. Once they are familiar with each other, they will often get together to share the experience of jade.


3, to drive others to play jade

A person playing jade is too lonely, there is a sense of solitude and self-respect, collecting a lot of fine products but can not find people to share this joy, really depressed. Slowly, I started to drive people around me, such as giving jade gifts to my friends, often talking to others about jade, and a group of friends have a great interest in jade, and you have a relationship with you - Yuyou .

4, see the stone will stop

This is a relatively fanatical situation. As long as you see the stone, even a piece of ordinary jade in the wilderness, you have to pick it up and see if it has the attributes of jade. What are the characteristics, just a baby. This move often leads to the same vision of others, completely disregarding it. It is called: "Other people laugh at me too crazy, I laugh and others can't wear it."

5, fear of false

There are too many phenomena in the market, and there are many reports. Therefore, there is always a phobia in the high-priced jade, which is suspected of its authenticity. Sometimes, when you see a little more expensive jade, you will struggle for a long time. When you look back, jade has become a bag of others, and you regret it.


6, ten sentences have nine sentences about jade

Chatting with others, the most talked about is jade, because it is too much like, I want to share the good jade with others, the beauty of jade, the culture of jade, others can’t spare a few words and become jade, it’s really full. Jade obsessed.

7, can no longer turn over to do local tyrants

Since the trip to jade, all the money has been used to play jade, and the rest are simply clouds, and they don’t want to consider it. One day, I suddenly found out how the deposits on my hands were zero. Oh, in fact, they were all defeated by their own families. They never felt anything about spending money. They fell in love with jade, and they are passers-by.

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