These five seemingly the best South Red Agate, are you heartbeat? Oh, it’s big!

Over the years, with the increase in the exposure of South Red Agate, South Red Agate has become a beloved gem of men, women and children, but there are five so-called best South Red in the market, and another wave of novices is on the verge of collapse! But what? Why solve problems? Only small series! Next, Xiaobian pictures and texts to describe the five so-called best Nanhong, hey, witness the miracle from the rookie to the old bird will happen immediately!


1, artificially burned red red agate

Artificially burnt red red agate, the reason why it has a bright red color, because the white or gray agate composition originally contains ferrous ions, and these agates are heated to change from white or gray to a gorgeous red agate. .


Artificially burnt red red agate bracelet

Natural South Red Agate Bracelet

The red color of the artificially burnt southern red agate is dark, and the overall color is not transparent, its color is only suspended on the surface, and the color of the artificially burned red red agate is very unnatural. Visually, the artificially burnt red agate has a very distinct difference from the natural southern red agate. The artificially burned red agate mainly processes some light-colored agates. These processed agates do not have the unique oily feel of South Red Agate, and the warm texture, so the price can be imagined.

2, artificial dyeing South Red Agate

Artificially dyed southern red agate is to put agate containing a small amount of iron in a second iron solution of iron nitrate or a solution of first iron, soak for about one month, and then soak for about two weeks in sodium nitrate solution. Finally, heating and acidification can make the color of the agate red.


Artificially dyed red red agate bracelet

Natural South Red Agate Bracelet

By artificially staining the South Red Agate high magnification magnifying glass, it can be seen that the color distribution is distributed in a network along the intercrystalline space, and there is no grease feeling, and the glass feeling is very strong.


Artificial injection of red agate

3, manual injection of red red agate

The South Red Agate, which has been optimized by manual injection, is an agate treatment method that has emerged in modern times. The treatment method of artificially injectiond South Red Agate is divided into two types: original stone injection and engraving injection. The original red agate of the original stone injection is generally easy to identify. It is only necessary to observe that there is a transparent inclusion and fine bubbles in the outer layer of the agate. It is very difficult to identify the red red agate after engraving and to identify it with the naked eye. However, by carefully observing the light through the flashlight, you will still see the presence of transparent lines inside.

Red stone

4, Hong Bi Shi posing as a red agate

At the same time, the production area of ​​the red agate in Liangshan also produces a large number of red sapphire. The appearance and hull of one type of volcanic red pebbles are very similar to those of Liangshan South Red Agate. It is basically impossible to correctly judge and identify the two from the appearance of the listing. difference.

The volcanic red stone has no cracks in the whole body, and its toughness is higher than that of Liangshan South Red Agate, but its gloss is very poor, there is no natural fatness of the South Red Agate, and the red red stone posing as the red red stone in the daylight and glare flashlight The bottom is opaque.


South Red Agate posing as a feeder

5, the south red agate posing as a feeder

The South Red Agate, which is pretending to be a feeder, is mainly made of a glass with a lower melting point. The appearance of the South Red Agate, which looks like this, is very similar to the natural South Red Agate, but its texture and natural South. Red agate has a world of difference.

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