Wear what kind of lingerie sexy ELLE winter sexy cutlery

A woman how to make her sexy, charming, a sexy and elegant underwear to help you from inside to outside exudes feminine femininity. ELLE underwear, a synonym for sexy and elegant, it is gentle and elegant and subtle sexy, close to the natural nature of show so full of gestures show a woman Charm. Fall and winter 2014, ELLE underwear still playing sexy, lace, low chicken heart, thin cup, to create the most sexy modern pretty girl, feel together to have a look.


Winter is a good time to correct chest shape, but winter do not ignore the choice of underwear style. In such a romantic Christmas day, choose a light underwear absolutely let your love warming. As shown in the ELLE underwear, chickens heart plus zero bar to create a graceful curve, 3/4 cup in the delicate lace rose pattern embellishment more unique, wavy cup along the more sexy breasted chest, double-breasted design absolute Set off the elegant beauty back. The same suits underwear, delicate lace looming looming to create a deadly appeal, absolutely sexy and invincible.

穿什么样的内衣性感  ELLE内衣冬季性感利器

Women pay attention to the shape of the chest at the same time do not forget to give the chest a breathing and stretching space, wear more widened side of the underwear than the underwear, it is better to try the sexy underwear chicken heart underwear. ELLE this 3/4 thin cup, cup charming lace in the delicate elastic fabric buckling meandering, totally natural, the tenderness of women show, reveal the elegant mature charm. Back double-breasted design is not only simple and convenient but also make the back line more light. Classic atmospheric blue highlight the noble elegance. This is ELLE underwear, elegant and hidden sexy.

穿什么样的内衣性感  ELLE内衣冬季性感利器

Believe that almost none of the women will refuse and deny this underwear, independent two-piece low front center design shows the perfect cleavage to show the charming curve, 3/4 cup more selective for you a different kind of choice. Elegant and elegant Tibetan blue stretch lace collide natural low-key beige back, so sexy and natural. Chicken heart for a small bow easily embellishment into a trace of sweet. 3D three-dimensional non-marking Cup no more easy to match with clothing. Simple and not simple style for you this winter is still sexy and charming.

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