A look at the actress' style on the International Festival Gala Dinner

Ben Wang News, November 10, recently, New York, the United States attended the Guggenheim International Festival Gala Dinner. Dior, who has always been indispensable to the art world, has become the sponsor of this dinner for the second time, once again giving us the charm of fashion cross-border art. .


Yu Mengyao wearing Dior 2014 autumn and winter clothing series

Yu Mengyao is a black full of bright spots, with a high waist vest with a short skirt machine street style, outside the bright side of the printed jacket is elegant and simple, the feet of a pair of metal-colored high heels add a sense of future and art. The overall shape is light and lively.

秦舒培身穿Dior 2014秋冬成衣系列

Qin Shupei wearing Dior 2014 autumn and winter clothing series

Qin Shupei used a mesh-lined perspective blouse to create his own street style. With the geometric elements of the wedge heel, the handsome and capable sports style was born.

玛丽昂歌迪亚身穿Dior 2013春夏高级定制系列

Marion Cotillard wearing Dior 2013 spring and summer advanced custom series

As one of Dior’s most senior spokespersons, Marion did not choose the latest Dior series, but used 2013 high-profile to highlight his fashion taste. Although it is an old clothes, Marion has used her extremely eye-catching red arrows and ankle boots to enrich her black tube top dress. This is where the wonderful finishing touch is.

莉莉索博斯基身穿Dior 2014秋冬成衣系列

Lily Soboski wearing Dior 2014 autumn and winter clothing series

As one of the most dressed actors, Lily Soboski’s casual style with a model figure is simply a walk through the street to walk the pace of the red carpet. The same color coats and pencil skirt echoes, and the white ones are simple and stylish, and sometimes fashion is so simple.

卡莉克劳斯身穿Dior 2015早春度假系列

Carly Kraus Wearing Dior 2015 Early Spring Vacation Series

As Galliano's favorite new generation supermodel, Carrie Cros wears a black and white printed black evening dress debut, has a model figure and high-waist design, body proportions have no need to say more!

萨沙·露丝身穿DIor 2013秋冬成衣系列

Sasha Ruth dressed in DIor 2013 autumn and winter clothing series

Sasha Ruth is Dior's most beloved new supermodel, and he has become the new spokesperson for makeup. Her high-cold and elegant temperament is in line with the female image of Raf Simons. This white tulle dress is the best example. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Four Seasons bear children's shoes)

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