The difference between various gems and diamonds

Diamonds, as a kind of noble and luxurious decoration, are the crown of jewelry with natural diamonds. However, diamonds are expensive due to their scarcity, especially for slightly larger diamonds, which are generally not purchased. As a result, there have been activities to replace or slap diamonds with cheap gems, artificial gems and even glass, which have become more or less secretive or public. If you are not fooled, the loss is huge. So do you know the difference between synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds?

(1) Glass Diamond: A fake diamond made of glass is easy to distinguish because it has a low refractive index and does not have the glittering color of true diamonds. A little experienced person can see it at a glance.

(2) Crystal and Topaz: The transparent crystals of these two natural minerals are a bit like diamonds after honing, but they lack the glittering color. And they are all “non-homogeneous” gemstones, while diamonds are “homogeneous” gemstones that are easily distinguished by gemstone identification instruments.

(3) Synthetic carbon silica: It has strong birefringence, that is, it has two refractive indices, and the difference between the two refractive indexes is large. This produces a very special optical phenomenon. When observing the honed synthetic carbon-silver faceted gemstone with a magnifying glass, the top surface and the ridge line have obvious double shadows. Because diamonds are "homogeneous" gemstones, there is no double shadow phenomenon.

(4) Synthetic cubic zirconia: This is the most ideal diamond substitute or impost product first introduced by the former Soviet Union. It is an artificial compound and has no natural minerals. Since the advent of cubic zirconia, a variety of other artificial gemstone materials have been used only as other middle and low-grade gemstone substitutes, and are no longer used to grind fake diamonds. Due to its high refractive value, experienced people can distinguish between diamonds and synthetic cubic zirconia by identifying this particular fire color.

(5) Artificial sapphire: Colorless and transparent artificial sapphire can also be used as a substitute for diamonds after honing. However, it almost disappeared in the "diiodomethane" specific gravity liquid, and the edge of the real diamond is dark and very clear.

(6) Artificial spinel: The difference between it and diamond is the lack of flickering colored light. It is immersed in the diiodomethane specific gravity liquid, and the outline is blurred, while the outline of the real diamond is very clear.

(7) Synthetic rutile: Rutile is an ordinary natural mineral. Its composition is titanium dioxide. Because its refractive index (2.61-2.90) is higher than that of diamond (2.42), it can be bright and dazzling after being honed into a gemstone. Flash, and there can be rainbow-like changes, because rutile has a strong refractive index, so like zircon, you can use a magnifying glass to see the prominent double-shadow of the bottom ridge from the top surface, so it is easy to distinguish from diamond.

With the increasing popularity of simulation methods, it is more and more difficult for fake diamonds and imitation diamonds to be identified by the naked eye. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when purchasing diamond jewelry. Buying a diamond suggests that you still have to choose a professional jewellery store with a good scale and a quality inspection certificate issued by a national authority. This is also a guarantee of good quality.

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