Preparation and Properties of Polypropylene Composites

Abstract: Modified montmorillonite (SMA-MMT) was obtained by modifying montmorillonite with maleic anhydride and styrene, then polypropylene (PP)/ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)/modified by melt blending. Montmorillonite nanocomposites, and the graft PP-g-MAH-St was added as a compatibilizer. X-ray diffraction analysis showed that the interlayer spacing of SMA-MMT reached 3.98 nm. Transmission electron microscopy analysis showed that the polymer molecular chain had been inserted into the montmorillonite sheet. When the graft content was 15% (mass fraction, the same below), the mechanical properties of the composites reached the best, and the tensile strength and impact strength were 32.4 MPa and 79.5 J/m, respectively. Differential scanning calorimetry results show that the addition of PP-g-MAH-St and SMA-MMT can improve the crystallization performance of PP when the contents of PP-g-MAH-St and SMA-MM'T are 15% and 2 respectively. At %, the crystallization temperature of PP in the composite was 120°C.

Keywords: polypropylene; EPDM rubber; montmorillonite; melt blending; nanocomposites

PP is widely used, but the lack of certain properties limits its application, such as poor toughness. Rubber and plastics blending are commonly used to improve its toughness. Among them, dynamic vulcanization technology is used to improve the toughness of PP by blending PP with rubber. Although simple rubber-plastic blending methods can improve the toughness of PP, other properties of the material will decrease. Taking into account the enhanced toughening properties of montmorillonite, the prepared PP/rubber/montmorillonite nanocomposites can maintain or increase the strength of the composite material while further toughening the PP. At present, there are many reports on polymer alloy composites, but the study on the properties of alloys focused on montmorillonite is not a lot of Guo et al. Preparation of PP/ethylene-butene copolymer (POE)/organic Montmorillonite by melt blending method. Soil (OMMT) nanocomposites and addition of maleic anhydride grafted PP as a compatibilizer. After adding OMMT and grafts to PP and POE, the toughness of PP increased significantly.
SMA (maleic anhydride and styrene copolymer) has good transparency and high temperature resistance, and it is an excellent modified material with strong polarity and good compatibility with montmorillonite. Therefore, on the basis of the original experimental research, the MMT was modified by the solution bulk method to obtain SMA-MMT, and then PP/g-MAH-St was used as a compatibilizer to prepare PP/EPDM/ by melt blending method. PP-g-MAH-St/SMA-MMT nanocomposites, and the intercalation and dispersion of montmorillonite and the mechanical properties and crystallization properties of nanocomposites were characterized.

Conclusion (1) The sodium montmorillonite was modified by MAH and St to prepare SMA-MMT. The interlayer spacing of montmorillonite was increased from the original 1.23nm to 2.0nm, when the graft content was 15%. The montmorillonite spacing reaches 3.98 nm.
(2) The intercalated nanocomposites were prepared by the melting method. The addition of grafts can significantly improve the properties of the composites. When the content of the grafts is 15%, the tensile strength and impact strength of the composites reach 32.4 respectively. The MPa and 79.5 J/m are much better than the simple PP/EPDM blend (27 MPa, 81 J/m).
(3) The grafts and montmorillonite can be used as PP crystals with heterogeneous phases, and the crystallization temperature of PP in the material is increased. When the content of grafted material and montmorillonite is 15% and 2%, respectively, PP The crystallization temperature increased from 111.5 °C to 120.0 °C.

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