Winter underwear what color to choose what color underwear for winter wear

Recently a very fire segment: Monday's windbreaker, Tuesday shirt, Wednesday short sleeve, Thursday sweater, Friday coats, Saturday and Sunday down jacket, a random broadcast throughout the year. Seek him thousands of Baidu, how often do you want to go! And now, the northern strong cold air spoiler, the South is finally into the winter, with thick clothes shelter, the color of the women's underwear finally can be "casual" wear. In the winter, which underwear color more popular it?


Of all colors, the most not to be missed of course is red, in addition to each woman's wardrobe to have a small black dress, the red underwear is also essential. Whether it is because of this fate year or meet the festive winter, or simply because you like red, always find yourself an excuse to buy a red underwear. And like the memory fiber edge brand of this red underwear, in addition to meet the color requirements, the effect of a strong gatherence, the thin under the thick cup more to meet the needs of small chest MM underwear features.

冬季内衣选什么颜色 哪些颜色的内衣适合冬季穿

Dark red through the colors, reveals a sense of luxury low-key, not like all the black so depressed and boring, there is no red hot, the two combined to give the wearer another completely different vision Feeling, even want to come to their own intoxicated in it. 3/4 cup to make the full chest ready to come, and widened side than the flattening of the armpits and back curve, the stability is also better. Hood print on the cup and the heart of the heart embellished with this looming retro charm, more intriguing.

冬季内衣选什么颜色 哪些颜色的内衣适合冬季穿

In addition to the classic colors, you can also choose such a bright color of self-willed, no longer have to take into account the light, thin, transparent coat, exposed troubles will temporarily leave you, so you enjoy the enjoyment of such a bright color. Fiber memory edge of this underwear, a variety of colors of blooming effect like the intersection of the convergence of the sky and draw the faint halo, unrestrained sense of space moment to break your shackles, flying to the sky. It is also excellent to have one of the bright colors of the frozen feet frozen in winter to light up your mood.

Image Source: Fiber Yi Yuan brand underwear


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