Suit tailored benefits

Tailor-made to meet every part of your dress, not only the quality of satisfaction, but also for your size! With the rapid development of the market economy in China, the demand for tailor-made suits by major enterprises is increasing. Basically, each employee has to make an average of four suits a year, and a suits to wear every day, and a Wear is a year, the quality requirements of the suit is very durable. Therefore, in the suit of fabric and technology, with particular attention to high-end durable, and suit type should also consider the case of non-normal wear, which is generally not considered in the production of garment suits. Therefore, the choice of business suit is a matter of course. First, many models, more in line with the temperament: tailor-made more stress different from person to person, each person's temperament decided to suit his fabric and style. Not only do we provide suit fabrics that match your temperament, but we also recommend your trendy designs and styles to get inspiration and direction even if you have no concept of dress. Second, every occasion, suitable for all kinds of needs: the knowledge of dress is to deal with different scenes, whether office or banquet, tailored to meet your requirements. A wide range of program options are available for different occasions where you attend, offering great suits and services at a reasonable price. Third, tailor-made, full number coverage: a unit of staff have a variety of body and size, clothing suits generally only provide 5-10 number. Can only cover about 90% of people (and not particularly suitable for wearing). Therefore, the more high-end suits (such as suits), the more tailor-made mode. Fourth, at the same time to meet the needs of men and women styles: suit divided into men and women, to meet the business men and women have to wear the problem. Now no one garment manufacturing enterprises to ensure that at the same time produce good men's and women's products. Procurement of men's and women's clothing businesses, respectively, adds to the difficulty of work (double procurement process, double after-sales service, double risk), but also may lead to psychological imbalance between men and women staff. From the above-mentioned advantages, it determines the production organization mode tailor-made suit must be one-to-one customized model for everyone in the enterprise. The one-to-one customization model is fundamentally different from the standardized production mode of garments. Fifth, more reliable service: tailor-made service with more reliable after-sale protection. Purchasing business suits need a lot of service support. Such as inappropriate suits to modify the processing, new employees (or damaged clothing) replenishment, according to the distribution of products by department and so on. All this, if the purchase of clothing, it is very difficult to do, because garment manufacturing enterprises do not need to set up such a service department, there is no one dedicated to track a customer. Professional suits can highlight the special (corporate identity). In particular, the custom suit must be tailor-made for their own business units or specifically selected custom clothing is difficult to have ready-made products just to meet the requirements of the unit. Thousands of thousands of suit style. Although it is a group suit, it is worn by everybody. Therefore, there are thousands of suits (particularly suitable or unsuitable) for suits. To satisfy employees, they must be dedicated to every staff member. Six, the size of the standard, comfortable wearing beautiful: Professional suits are worn for work, so, suits must ensure that the clothes do not interfere with work, and this is all the clothing suits are not fully considered (in the back, sleeves and other parts of Designed to improve). Wearing professional suits is not only respect for the service object, but also make the dress has a professional sense of pride, sense of responsibility, is dedicated, happy industry in clothing on the specific performance. The requirements of the specification wearing professional suits are neat, clean, crisp, generous. neat. Suits must fit, Sleeve to wrist, Pants long to the foot surface, Skirt length over the knees, especially underwear can not be exposed; shirt collar to insert a finger size is appropriate, waist skirts to insert fingers is appropriate. Do not pull the sleeve, do not roll pants, do not leak deduction, can not afford to deduct; tie, tie, ribbon and shirt collar coincide to be compact and not crooked; if workers plate or sign board, to be worn just above the left chest, Some posts also wear hats and gloves. Learn more Login: Guangdong Meuu Clothing Co., Ltd.


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