"Italian-Philippine women's" brand - the fashion trend of beauty girlfriends

In today's fashion forefront, the trend of women's clothing can be described as unpredictable, thousands of popular trends come and go, as a fashion man up to you how outdated!

Choose Italian women's brand Accor , you can guide the forefront of fashion trends. Italian-Philippine women's brand allows you to stand at the forefront of fashion, full of feelings and appreciation of today's fashion and fashion women's most teaser fashion trends!

Italy Faye Ya brand is committed to creating its own brand of front-line, in the design of clothing using a more humane and Chinese aesthetic ideas. With the large number of elite talents in the design department who visit all parts of the country and devote themselves to the differences between the north and south body shape of Chinese women. After all the differences in the female figure of different age groups, with tailor-made aesthetic designs, different types of women Group sought after.


• Founder of Faye Ya brand, the accurate breakdown of the consumer groups of domestic women, strategizing well versed in the field of domestic women's market, making sales and end-consumer more broadly. Mr. Ye gentle gentleman, quite a gentleman's temperament and demeanor, but today's women's fashion trend, has a more unique insights and insights! Although it is already a giant in the domestic coal mining industry, on August 8, 2011, it invested heavily in the fashion capital of China, Humen, Guangdong Province, to create the Italian women's brand. To a large extent, the urban women have met the consumer psychology of drow in apparel, and have been recognized by women of all walks of life in large, medium and small cities.

The Italian women's brand, now has an international talent and local advantages, the powerful clothing product development and brand management capabilities, production base and other advantages, with the full use of market experience, to lead many young and active, energetic fashion designer , Trainers, supervisors and professional planning teams. With the domestic market as the operation center, the business scope covers major cities in China, allowing elegant and sophisticated urban life to create an aesthetic, intellectual and fashionable modern woman.


• Stylish, simple, intellectual and elegant classic image, representing the most forward-looking fashionable women's fashion brand in China. Regardless of the trend of color, style and fashion, you choose the Italian-style women's clothing is the choice of the forward-looking Fashion women's guide.

• Pursuit of quality of life, quickly join the Italian women's fashion brand group in it. Enjoy the charm of contemporary women!

Company Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Jinshan Baisha Industrial Park, Italy Feiyiya brand (Humen high-speed rail station next to)

Contact: Tel: Miss Guan


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