M1BANU six comprehensive upgrade plate, leading the fast fashion brand new trend in China

In 2002, M1BANU knocked on the door of China's fast fashion market with the slogan of "Free Living, Variety of Me". Since then, MIBANU has always been guided by the demand of fashion people, adjusted its core consumer groups according to market trends, and promoted the brand's overall upgrade through further improvement of service system and extension of product lines, enhancement of brand image positioning and establishment of first-class terminals. This chain of apparel franchises, which traces its origin in Hong Kong and has achieved outstanding results in key markets in China, has drawn a strong appeal from the moment of its birth to its distinctive brand positioning. In 2012, the brand M1BANU was fully upgraded to fully reveal the new connotation of M1BANU's fashion brand and bring a refreshing visual enjoyment.

M1BANU is one of the apparel brands under Freeport Apparel Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. Founded in 1998, M1BANU has a history of 14 years. Faced with the ever-changing needs of the market and targeted consumer groups, it cooperated with well-known domestic professional consultants to integrate external and internal resources, rebuild brand positioning and seek differentiated competitive advantages. 2012 is the integration year of M1BANU brand. It will upgrade and upgrade all six aspects from product positioning, product development, product structure, channel construction, operation management and control system, terminal training system and brand promotion.

First, accurate positioning of consumers

M1BANU deeply excavates the cultural connotations contained in products and integrates the trend of fashion design and the changing trend of modern consumer demand to meet the needs of consumers' emotional interests from multiple perspectives.

M1BANU will position its products in the fashionable age group of 25-35 years old, chasing after personality, pursuing self-confidence and independence and self-confidence. It is required to meet the needs of colorful, street-based, social and leisure life in an all-round way, Different styles, different mood reflected by the many different styles of fashion charm needs.

Second, pay attention to product development

Learn from the foreign fashion image design concept, combined with their own actual situation, comprehensive, rapid and effective promotion of terminal image transformation and upgrading. M1BANU positioning as China's fast-fashion women's brand, fashion trends, market trends a systematic analysis of the company's strong design R & D team grasp the popular models very accurate. M1BANU set up a dedicated design team long-term research and development in Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, the development of the entire season more than 500 models, weekly updates of more than 20 new models. Simple color does not mean that the style of a single, designers based on different fabric fabric characteristics, feel and style targeted design.

Designers into the latest fashion elements, design fashionable, each style is a limited edition boutique, the number of each control to the shop in one or two of the goods, there is no similarity with similar models, so that each style is a classic.

Third, enrich the product structure

M1BANU product structure is rich, so far up to more than 1,000 styles! M1BANU product line covers clothing, handbags, shoes, hats, scarves and more. The new update frequency is high, updated models fast, weekly new, can effectively attract customers and increase the frequency of consumption. Adjust the display and model every week so as to attract the attention of customers and attract the flow of consumers. Every week, VIPs are invited to purchase the new ones on a weekly basis to carry out brand awareness of new and fine items on the M1BANU brand week.

European and South Korean mashup style, mix and match each other product mix, complete with a set, each set is free to mix carefully with each. Limited edition style, easy to sell high-priced products, customer psychology grasp, do not hit shirt, unique, greatly enhance sales.

Fourth, a new channel construction

M1BANU to the second and third tier cities to develop street shops based on the first and second tier and capital cities of major commercial circles influence the sales of second and third tier stores sales revenue to form the M1BANU branded high-end products without discount sales philosophy, franchise VIP customers system.

Invited senior marketing experts to investors for the store site selection, store design, post-sales, goods finishing shelves and other professional training and door-to-door guidance.

Chain store franchise rapid market share of resources. Rich materials deployment, advanced production system, to provide a broader sales channels, to complete can support the smooth flow of materials and fast.

Fifth, operation management and control system and the establishment of terminal training system

M1BANU since its establishment has been in the South China has dozens of franchise stores, with up to nearly 1 million VIP base consumer groups in 2012 the company introduced preferential policies to join the full launch of the national market fast fashion women's brand franchising, franchising chain Shops and loyal customer base are in constant growth. M1BANU terminal stores have formed a network coverage, with a certain brand influence and chain effect.

M1BANU headquarters improve operation management and control system and terminal training system, from the store renovation, opening planning, store management, personnel training, product management and strive to improve the management and training mechanisms, franchisees can quickly and easily grasp the operation and management of terminal stores .

Sixth, vigorously strengthen media promotion efforts

The promotion of brand image is also an important part of M1BANU brand upgrade.

M1BANU brand will regularly advertise in mainstream magazines such as "ELLE", "fashion", aviation magazines, etc .; In addition, it will intensify its cooperation with large-scale online media such as Sina, Baidu, Alibaba, the industry's most authoritative Clothing sites, etc .; In addition to media advertising, will be based on regional cities, regional market factors, to develop promotional programs, but also will strengthen the provincial capitals and local strong media cooperation.

With the development of the market, clothing has split from functional consumption to brand consumption, showing the final shape of the market performance of the brand. The brand image directly constitutes the only power consumers buy products, the brand has become the garment enterprises to resolve the most advantageous high cost leverage.

It is insight into the market trends and joining the urgent needs of partners, as well as the growth of end-consumers contain huge market opportunities, M1BANU continue to strive for excellence and enhance brand appeal, only today's impressive performance. Fast fashion in China, the market garments, the achievements of M1BANU brilliant today! In 2012, the M1BANU brand will be fully upgraded to meet the needs of partners and end consumers around the world to enhance its competitiveness and launch a beautiful new chapter.

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