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Gomens brand vision field around the world, the integration of global resources, always grasp the popular trend, accept the international advanced management planning information. COMUSL children's wear is located in the fashion capital of Hangzhou, with a keen fashion sense of smell, advanced clothing professionals and advanced management experience, COMUSL children's clothing to provide rapid growth of unique conditions. Hangzhou Gomes poetry Fashion Co., Ltd. combines international and domestic advantages, huge sums to create a modern apparel business, focusing on children's clothing, as a hundred children's clothing business. Gomes poetry Fashion Co., Ltd. is engaged in a children's clothing design, production and sales as one of professional firms. Since its entry into the market in 2006, the "Goethe-poem" children's wear brand, owned by the company, has adopted a franchise model with corporate characteristics. With its first-class garment design, excellent production quality and rapid growth of its business scale, it has established a sound Brand awareness and credibility.

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