Aquamarine tips

Aquamarine and the sapphire we often say are two completely different gemstone categories. In mineralogy, aquamarine, emerald and emerald are called beryl. Aquamarine is generally azure or sea blue, with less inclusions, transparent, hexagonal crystal shape. Under the illumination of the night, the aquamarine will be more dazzling than the daytime, so some people call it "the luminous gem". It has a crisp texture and is easy to burst at high temperatures. It will fade when it is baked, and should be avoided when worn. Keep away from fire. The world's most famous aquamarine origin is in Brazil, followed by Russia and China.

China's gem world is accustomed to calling aquamarine "blue crystal" and classifying it as a mid-range gem, but in recent years, the price of aquamarine has been rising. The main factors determining the value of aquamarine are size and color. At present, more than a few dozen carats of aquamarine are not uncommon in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, Brazil also found a piece of aquamarine crystal, 19 inches long, 16 inches wide and weighs 243 pounds. It is blue and green, clear and transparent. The largest aquamarine ever discovered. After the news spread, the people who wanted to buy it flocked and were eventually bought by a German with a high price of nearly 100,000 marks.

According to the medical profession, the water dipped by aquamarine can cure eye diseases and snoring; it is also effective for respiratory allergies, dental diseases and skin diseases. The beauty and magic of the world can be a gift from nature to mankind.

With the development of science, people are no longer convinced that the birthstone has the magic of warding off evil spirits and bringing good luck. However, as a culture of precipitation and good times, the custom of wearing the birthstone will continue to spread.

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