odbo women's series mix and match fun nostalgic "crazy wave"

odbo Opel women's series winter new, 100% high-end wool and three-dimensional texture stitching bring out the touch and visual elegance nostalgic crazy sense of luster, natural, soft, warm and type.

Fashionable short jacket, sleeves and body fabric stitching the design will be reduced shoulder width, better to enhance the three-dimensional shoulder, while the shoulders of the discount also solve the slippery shoulder problems, and then scarves, leather T, short Skirt and high boots with female self-evident style;

欧宝 - odbo

Unique cocoon coat neat chic, details of the belt and leather gloves embellishment will highlight the personality;


Simple style and special tailoring the female body shape just right, light warm, wild fashion, it is essential winter coats single product.

Mohair and ancient spirit weird yarn collision contains the weaving and repeated hand-woven combination of the actual situation, the season's "crazy wave" theme of the perfect show.


The combination of the two tassels to produce a special hit color effect, asymmetric posterior stream wool to create a rich layering, can be described as very interesting design;


The three-dimensional effect of the hand-woven effect in the loose cardigan version of the interpretation of inclusive very strong, coupled with personality collar background, mini shorts, dresses, purses, belts, how to take how to take.


High-end elegant, casual, "mix and match" fun, nostalgic "crazy tide!"

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