Several jade similar to jade

What is the old pit of the jade?

The old pit is also called the old factory. The new pit is also called the new factory or the new factory jade. In the jade mine, the jadeite that has been deposited and deposited by the river water is called the old pit old factory. Those "original rocks" are also called rooting stones called the new pit new plant. In the mines, the new pits are generally called the old pits, and the inland areas outside the mines are also called new species or old species, which can be accurately identified by the naked eye. The quality of the old pit is good and the quality of the new pit is poor.

What is Malay jade?

Also known as Malaysian jade, Lu Songyu and so on. It is a kind of artificial imitation jadeite product. The main mineral is quartz, which is made by adding a coloring agent to pure quartz or quartz crystal. The hardness is 6.5~7, the specific gravity is 2.65, and the refractive index is 154. It was popular in 1988 in Thailand, Myanmar and the Yunnan border. At the beginning, many people were deceived, and some people squandered for Malay. The sales were good. In the middle and late period, the unscrupulous merchants called the green quartzite, the Australian jade, the Dongling jade and the green glass all known as Malay jade. It can be accurately judged with the naked eye.

What is water foam?

The Chinese-Myanmar border often sees white, transparent jade, which often comes with blue or blue-green flowers. The coloring matter of the water foam is an actinolite and an epidote in a certain direction. More white cotton, water is very good. The overall color is gray or white. The mineral composition is mainly feldspar, which can be called feldspar jade. The secondary minerals are jadeite, omphacite and diopside. The hardness is 55~6, the specific gravity is 2.56~2.64, and the refractive index is 1.52~1.53.

What is foam stain?

A gray-green, water-poor stone commonly found in Myanmar on the Yunnan border. People call the foam collapse. Due to the deep color, it is made into a thin piece of jewelry. The main mineral component of the foam is chromite, followed by jadeite, omphacite, chrome jade, blue amphibole, etc. It is actually chromite. Among them, there is a certain degree of transparency, and it is called chrome pyroxene jade. The hardness is 5~6.5, the specific gravity is 3.14~3.17, and the refractive index is 1.63~1.66.

What is a tumbler?

Produced in the grape region of northern Myanmar, named after the place name. Green is strip-like, spotted, and generally has good transparency and a few are poor. The main mineral is water calcium aluminum garnet, followed by zoisite, Fushan stone and amphibole. The dark purple color is the main feature under the color filter, which is actually water calcium aluminum garnet jade. The hardness is 6.5~7, the specific gravity is 3.41~3.44, and the refractive index is 1.71~1.72. The grape region also produces a stone that is also purple-red under the color filter. This jade has good transparency, blue, blue, green and blue. The main minerals are opal, quartz and chalcedony. In fact, it should be called protein quartz jade. Hardness 5.5, specific gravity 213, refractive index 1.45, should be strictly different from water calcium aluminum garnet.

What is sleepy?

Produced in the Sino-Burmese border, transparent to translucent, gray-blue or blue-gray, the color is national bundle, ribbon. The main minerals are tremolite, actinolite, and a small amount of chromite. Hardness 6, specific gravity 2.96 ~ 3.02, refractive index 1.60 ~ 1.61. Really nephrite.

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