Crystal hole identification method

The crystal cave is the crystallization of nature, absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon, has ornamental value and also has a great feng shui effect. The amethyst cave is the most kingly style in the crystal cave.

Crystal hole identification method:

1. There is no trace of cement repair in the crystal cavity shell (if it is in the lower part of the crystal cavity, it is to make the crystal cavity flat).

2. There is a white slender trace in the crystal cavity. If it is said that it has been filled with crystal glue.

3. Is the appearance of the Amethyst Cave intact? Incomplete and damaged is not a good crystal hole.

4. There is no agate edge on the outer edge of the crystal cavity. The number of agates is higher, and if there is agate and the agate is complete, the figure is higher.

5. The thickness of the agate side. In principle, the thicker the agate side, the better. A good amethyst hole is bound to have a layer of one-finger agate layer, because agate and crystal are symbiotic, but some amethyst holes are very beautiful, but no agate layer is not a complete crystal hole.

6, the depth and uniformity of the color. Generally, the more purple the color, the better.

7. Whether there is a symbiotic structure. Common symbiotic structures are calcite, agate, and titanium. The symbiotic structure is beautiful, and the chaotic is the next product. In fact, the white matter that grows in the Amethyst Cave is called calcite. Because it grows in amethyst cave like a white flower, it is also called crystal flower. Amethyst cave with a white crystal flower, very beautiful.

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