Don't look at these wigs, they all look similar, and the knowledge inside is much more.

Our reporter Dai Wei
Our reporter Dai Wei
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Our reporter Dai Wei

In recent years, as the stars in the entertainment industry are keen to appear in the public eye with a variety of wigs , the fashion circle has also set off a wave of wigs. Affected by this, more and more people buy and customize wigs among ordinary consumers. Nowadays, wigs are no longer just a kind of thing that people cover up their hair defects, but become a kind of hair accessories, which can be used to create various images that they want. As the market demand changes, the types of wigs become more diverse, and the prices vary widely.

Short perm is popular

Most women have a keen sense of fashion trends, they love everything that makes them beautiful, and wigs with versatile shapes are no exception. Throughout the latest wigs launched by brands such as Yan Yaqi, Ying Li Huamei, Rebecca, MyStery, etc., it is not difficult to find that today's wigs have long abandoned the rigid vertical hair style, replaced by simple and fashionable short hair and The elegant temperament of the curly hair, the color is also from the previous single color, such as black, brown, wine red, rich in various types of dyeing and other light colors.

Exquisite cuts often give short hair a stunningly perfect effect, while a short, perm hair can instantly show a stylish look that makes people look both lively and capable. Short perm hair curls are usually applied to the sides of the cheeks, and the top of the head is more fluffy, with irregular hair curls stacked at random. The reporter saw that there is also a short perm bangs that is straight hair, and the hair is cut to a slanted angle. This hair shape is suitable for people with small faces and looks handsome and sweet.

The short hair style of the natural micro-roll can satisfy the taste of the young and the lady, and it is also the necessary equipment for the lazy to dress up. The biggest highlight of this type of wig is the micro-volume treatment at the tip, which can be displayed after wearing. Women's soft and delicious.

Custom wigs are more intimate

In the interview, the reporter found that custom wigs are more popular with consumers than buying ready-made wigs. In a hairdressing shop located near the Asian Games Village in Beijing, Ms. Zhu is consulting the store staff about custom wigs. Miss Zhu told reporters that she had left a lot of senior hair, and wanted to change her image this year. She planned to customize a short hair with Qi Hai. "With a wig, not only can you change your image and temperament right away, you don't have to worry about haircut failure, perm hair, etc., and you can be more flexible when you mix clothes." Miss Zhu said.

Miss Zhao, 30 years old, customized a fake online gift to her mother before the Spring Festival. She did not expect that her mother was praised by her relatives and friends after she wore it. So Miss Zhao, who always wanted to change her image, couldn’t help it. I have customized a short hair for myself. She told reporters: "I pay great attention to hair shape, so I will spend time on blowing, ironing and dyeing hair on weekdays. This will not only cost time and money, but also damage the hair. After buying a wig, these problems do not exist. As long as the wig is simply buckled to the head, the image changes immediately, saving time and effort."

“Everyone’s head is different in size. We will make some suggestions based on the actual situation of the consumer. For example, we will make detailed plans for consumers to choose in terms of the amount of hair, the scalp fabric material, and the hair shape.” The owner of a wig shop near Datun Road in Beijing told reporters that in addition to the overall wig, the wigs with strong randomness are also very popular among consumers, especially young women. “Wicker wigs can be customized to different shapes and sizes according to different needs, the effect is more realistic, and the breathability is better. Currently, it is mainly used in hair curtains.”

Where is the wig price difference?

Although they are all wigs, the prices vary widely. There are tens of thousands of "local tyrants" wigs and tens of dollars of civilians. What is the difference between them?

A reporter in a wig store in Xidan area of ​​Beijing saw that there were more than a dozen wigs of different lengths in the small store. When the price reporter was shocked, the top was not very eye-catching and the length was about 20 cm. The price of the wig was as high as 3,800 yuan. “This wig is made entirely of real hair. This is still cheap. Generally speaking, the longer the wig is, the more expensive the wig is.” According to the store owner, the wigs sold here are handmade. It is a needle that is hooked up, and is stronger, more compliant, and more breathable than a woven wig.

According to the reporter's understanding, although the price of the wig made of real hair is high, the purchase price of its raw materials is very low. Xiao Liu, a staff member of a barber shop, told reporters that people often come to their stores to buy wigs. The purchase price of Changfa is between 100 yuan and 150 yuan per kilogram.

Compared with those wigs of several thousand dollars, wigs of tens to hundreds of dollars are more popular with ordinary consumers, but such wigs are not made with real hair. "Don't look at these wigs, they all look similar. There is more learning inside." In a wig store near Beijing's Wudaokou, the owner told reporters that the materials currently used in the market for wigs are mainly divided into three categories. The price ranges from low to high, which are chemical fiber, chemical fiber and real hair, and real hair. Among them, the chemical fiber is divided into seven kinds of materials such as Kani Karen, high temperature wire and matte wire, and the characteristics and time limit of different chemical fiber materials are different. However, the reporter found that although there are many types of hair materials, the labels on the wigs are not marked. These are only clear to the owner, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish them from the appearance and feel. Therefore, the price of the wigs is mostly determined by the seller.

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