Silk home textile industry marches in twists and turns

Silk home textile industry marches in twists and turns At this year's China Needle & Cotton Trade Fair, Silk Home Textile has changed its attitude in the past and announced its desire for consumerism with a strong momentum. Without exception, the mainstream media predicts that silk home textile will not only make China’s tigers prosperous, but also more likely to push China into the world’s first luxury country in the next few years. Although this prediction is somewhat surprising, it is not unfounded. According to the official report of the World Luxury Goods Association, the total consumption of luxury textiles in China accounts for 27.5% of the world's total, and it has already reached the second place in the luxury home textile consumption.

According to a survey on the business frenzy of silk home textiles, the number of high-end female populations in eight first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen has reached 1.67 million. This emerging group has a high income and is particularly dedicated to luxury goods. . They often pay attention to a variety of fashion information and purchase brand-name products based on their own abilities. Their private car ownership rate is 53.5%. In this emerging group, they are more focused on leading the future of fashion trends, highlighting their elegant temperament and taste. What's more, a woman naturally loves bedding, as a fashion woman, the most important equipment is not a beautiful and elegant decoration, and the luxurious quality and silky quality of silk home textiles are in line with such high-end women's demand for home textile products. With the increasing consumer demand for high-end home textiles from such women, the world's top luxury home textile brands have entered the Chinese market.

But if you simply treat silk home textiles as a luxury, in fact, any Chinese silk home textile company has the ability to produce and sell luxury goods. Many of China's silk home textile manufacturers and retail brands manufacture and sell products that are as luxurious as any other silk home textile brand in the world.

However, when many international big names opened up retail stores and seized high-end consumer groups in coastal developed cities in mainland China, we found that China's silk home textile brands still remain in the stage of serving the mass consumer groups in second- and third-tier cities. Regarding why Chinese silk home textile brands were absent in the high-end market, luxury goods analysts said: “China does not have a real sense of luxury brands.”

The lack of luxury in Chinese silk home textile brands is mainly reflected in the lack of awareness, ie concepts and ideas, that Chinese silk home textile companies are not operating luxury brands. “Chinese businessmen tend to focus on the short term and lack the culture of nurturing luxury brands. They are reluctant to invest the money, time and energy needed to build a brand. They yearn for rapid returns, so their prospects are local rather than international. The statement made by Qian Jinbo, a cultural businessman and senior economist, was accurate and in place for current Chinese companies.

When people find that an entrepreneur does not have a strategic vision and is still lacking in understanding the concept and content of the brand, most of the high-priced products produced by the brand will fall into the foil of the general product. It can be said that thoughts and ideas have determined the future path of Chinese silk home textile brands. Only by changing the mindset and concepts and carefully reviewing the importance of the brand, can the Chinese silk home textile brand enter the door of luxury goods.

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