Sweet and intoxicating 2014 Korean dress is popular

Lead: dress for the MM who are the necessary style of the dress all year round, to the spring, MM are wearing dresses every day! What style of dress in the spring of 2014 is the most popular, what kind of style dress most MM who like it Of course, it is a sweet and intoxicating Korean version. Come along with Xiaobian to see the new dress!

甜美醉人 2014韩版连衣裙正流行(图1)

Shirt style dress is best worn in the spring, this cowboy style dress looks very fashionable, and is the style of the waist so that MM are wearing the waistline is very thin Oh, spring with a pullover and Booties are very refreshing!

甜美醉人 2014韩版连衣裙正流行(图2)

The most popular style this year is still the spliced ​​style dresses, the collar and cuffs of the denim shirt style, the sleeves are the design of the knitwear warm and unique, the skirt is the plaid style, the irregular hem is fashionable, and the popular plaid elements are adopted. , College wind full!

甜美醉人 2014韩版连衣裙正流行(图3)

This ivory knit style dress, elegant white so that MM are very gentle, special knit, belt with a waist, and then with coats and boots, it is charming eyes Oh!

甜美醉人 2014韩版连衣裙正流行(图4)

Stitching style dress is the most fashionable this season, the gray skirt with chiffon sleeves, the color of the mix of fresh and natural, high waist style to help MM cover the fat, and then with a single shoes and jacket, very generous Spring outfit!


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