V collar Slim dress proud career line highlight the intellectual beauty

For intellectual Mature, people always have an irresistible reason. Their elegant attitude, hook people's eyes, in such gestures, people will be deeply conquered. How to wear to highlight the familiar style? A small coup, then start from the v collar. Summer deep v dress, highlighting the proud career line, very attractive.


This water blue dress simple self-cultivation style, geometric pattern printing is very suitable for urban women. No other cartoon print childish and young woman. This more generous graceful. v collar design will be a woman's skin beauty and plump beauty are reflected most vividly. Golden belt decoration, more prominent women's extraordinary clothing.

v领修身连衣裙 傲人事业线突出知性美

This black and white stitching sleeveless skirt high waist Slim design, deep v collar gray print embellishment, set off a charming woman's clavicle and deep career line. White lace skirts and high heels are more sexy lace. Walking aside, not only by the charm impressed, but also a kind of feeling of rapid heartbeat.

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Ancient Greece, people in celebrating the birthday of the goddess of the moon, on the altar placed in a candle and honey cakes. They believe that burning the candle with a mysterious power. If the child make a wish, and blew out all the candles, they can get it.And the candle is also called Votive Candles.Therefore, this custom spread so far.The custom of inserting candles on the birthday cake dates back to the ancient Greece and Rome. Admirers of the ancient Greek moon goddess Artemis in celebrating the birthday of the goddess of the moon, at the altar put in a burning candle and honey cakes. Later, this custom gradually evolved into children's birthday cake in a burning candle, and increased the content of blow out the candles. The ancient Greeks believed that a burning candle has a secret magical power, if a child has a wish and blew out all the candles, he may wish.Therefore,there are different kinds of candles,including Jelly Candle,Citronella Candles.

Birthday Candles

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