Jiao Ying underwear to introduce new autumn and winter 2012 debut

As the season changes, we will add new costumes, it is like the second layer of skin underwear for women, you also will follow the seasonal changes in the acquisition of it? Autumn and winter season, take a look at Jiao Ying underwear for us what kind of new bar.


3/4 thick mold cup, invisible cup design, so that the most complete and elegant way to show the lace, beautiful and elegant, noble and gorgeous; water droplets deep V shape, faintly revealing soft skin on the chest, exudes a mature charming atmosphere.

姣莹内衣推陈出新  2012秋冬新品粉墨登场

This section sets the function of fashion and fashion as one, thin and transparent solid color lace, snake-like leather fabric and ultra-fine Lycra cloth three kinds of fabrics cut through the golden ratio of the invisible design techniques, blooming unlimited fashion and sexy charm.

"Jiao Ying" underwear products always boldly quote the international forefront of popular colors, while maintaining a lively and stylish style, combined with market demand and gradually increase the warm, elegant brand style; in the design, "Jiao Ying" underwear continue to introduce new emphasis on simplicity Smooth lines, bright and elegant color combinations.

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