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Louiskoo originated destined him both international sense, will feel the fashion brand fashion genes, he adhering to the "young life" core values ​​and "value, fast fashion," the concept of international marketing, bringing together the modern elements of Europe, the integration of the East version Type of character, is committed to creating an enviable wear grade and experience for the urban young people, leading the new trend of urban life. Louiskoo clothing price positioning in the high-end, accessories positioning in the end, through a wealth of goods and price location, all to meet the mass consumer diversification, individual needs. Join requirements: a: qualification requirements 1, has a good business reputation and cooperation; 2, has a certain financial strength; 3, identity brand concept, entrepreneurial spirit and enduring perseverance; 4, with a certain degree of terminal management, operational capacity ; 5, the market has a keen sense of tentacles and dynamic grasp. Second: the site requirements 1, the shop area: the county, district-level cities; 2, the regional conditions: the local bustling commercial street, prime locations independent stores or prestigious clothing store independent hall; 3, the shop area: Monopoly Shop 80 square meters from the shop; counter area: 40 square meters.

Changxing Baihong nonwoven fabric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu coast, Hongxing Bridge Industrial Park, Changxing County, Zhejiang. Over twenty years experience of production and industrial chain advantages of Adhesive Interlining, the company has made a high starting point at the beginning of the both woven and non-woven fabric line.

The company has achieved the annual production capacity of two thousand tons of multi-purpose hot-rolled non-woven fabrics each year and product gram weight range from  16 gsm to80 gsm.

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