Introduction to several commonly used spinning methods for chemical fibers

Several commonly used spinning methods for chemical fibers are as follows:

Melt spinning: heating the polymer to a suitable temperature above the melting point to prepare a melt. The melt is passed through a screw extruder, and the spinning nozzle is pressed out of the spinning hole to form a fine flow into the air. Condensed into a thin strip.

Solution spinning: The appropriate solvent is used to dissolve the fiber-forming polymer into a spinning solution, or the polymer material is first made into a soluble intermediate, dissolved into a spinning solution, and then spun. This method is mostly used for viscose, vinylon and acrylic. Solution spinning is divided into wet spinning and dry spinning according to different solidification conditions.

Dry spinning: The high molecular polymer is dissolved by a volatile solvent to prepare a viscous liquid suitable for spinning. The spinning mucilage is pressed out from the spinneret to form a filament flow, and the solvent in the filament flow is rapidly volatilized by the hot air sleeve to be solidified, and drawn into a filament by drawing. (Polymer, Acrylic, Vinylon, Vinegar)

Wet spinning: a spinning solution is prepared by dissolving a fiber-forming polymer in a solvent, and the spinning solution is ejected from a spinneret and then ejected into a coagulation bath, due to solvent diffusion and solidification in the mucus filament stream. The agent penetrates into the stream of mucus filaments, allowing the filament stream to solidify into a strand.

Wet spinning is characterized by a large number of orifices, but a slow spinning speed, suitable for spinning short fibers, and dry spinning is suitable for spinning filaments. Generally, the same type of chemical fiber is obtained by dry spinning and wet spinning, and the fiber structure is uniform and the quality is good.

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