Purple dress 2017 summer orders will be a success

Purple dress summer 2013 clothing and new conference November 15 came to an end, this order will exceed the predetermined target.



Hangzhou Jia Qi Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in the new millennium in 2000, the company headquarters is located in the beautiful paradise --- Hangzhou, is a set design, production, marketing integration of women's enterprises. The company is headquartered in a modern 10,000 square meters built in 2003 The office building was completed in September 2004. The third plant was opened in October of the same year and up to now, the company headquarters already has three factories with annual sales of more than 1 million pieces and enjoys a high reputation in the apparel industry Reputation. Clothing Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Jazz Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand "Zu Shu" series of women's positioning services in about 20-35 knowledge-based women, simple style as the focus, detail changes for the auxiliary, closely linked to fashion breathing. Zishu brand women won the Zhejiang provincial quality supervision and inspection department awarded the "Zhejiang provincial brand-name apparel," the title of its graceful elegant design style, rigorous sophisticated technology has attracted numerous customers, and now the company has network operators throughout the country, and throughout the entire Hangzhou school has created a certain positive impact on clothing, its rapid development, in Hangzhou is absolutely unprecedented. Now the company in Beijing Tianyi Building, third floor, Room 3023 set up branch offices in Northern China, northeast, Inner Mongolia franchisee at all levels

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