2012 Shenzhen Garment Exhibition - Burberry Women Interview

From July 8 to July 10, 2012, the twelfth China (Shenzhen) international brand apparel and apparel fair will bloom at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. Burberry brand women to an oversized exhibition area debut this clothing exhibition. Bor gentle women von total time to take the time to accept the interview of China Beauty Network reporter.

伯柔 - pozo

China Beauty Network: Feng total, first of all you can tell us about our company and company brand an overview of it?

Feng total: Pozo Collection (Burberry) women's brand is Australia's Melbourne, Alex (International) Group, founded in 1958, in order to steadily enter the Asian market brand, Alex (International Group) Company, in 1999 8 In January, Shenzhen Zouban Fashion Design Co., Ltd. was set up as a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China to start the design, production, sale and promotion of the brand in the Asian region. June 2000 Shenzhen Zuhuan Fashion Design Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong International Development Co., Ltd. set up a joint venture in Shenzhen Left Bank Garment Co., Ltd., and in mainland China registered a women's brand Pozo Collection (Berry).

China Beauty Network: Just went to visit our pavilion and found that the pavilion layout is very creative, distinctive style, can you tell us about the design inspiration of the pavilion is come from? What theme mean?

Feng total: The exhibition design is mainly based on "environmental protection, simplicity," the main clothing show is to show clothing, so we mainly focus on the pavilion design clothing, and some pavilions focus on pavilion design, Deviate from the theme of the show.


China Beauty Network: I also see this show we have a lot of new products showcased Bougainvillea, you can introduce us to introduce the new products have what kind of characteristics?

Fengzheng : POZO Brand The new design is characterized by fashion, vitality and connotation. It reflects the high quality, connotation and elegant dress style pursued by modern urban fashion women, as well as advocating freedom, independence and leisure Attitude to life. There are mainly in the color choices mainly yellow, add some beads on the clothes, lace, rich sense of modern fashion.

China Beauty Network: This time to participate in the show have both new and old brands, then our Bentlehop in many brands occupy what kind of advantage?

Mr. Feng: POZO COLLECTION will bring a new fashion experience to urban women. The new concept of dress, with a vast freedom of space, to convey the most fashionable way of life, showing people in a peaceful, quiet and simple image, Like "Zen" purpose, introverted feelings, introverted power.

China Beauty Network: As far as we know our Burberry ladies have a profound brand culture, you can explain in detail with us Mody it?

Feng total: Bo soft strong brand culture, after nearly a hundred years of French boutiques and the accumulation of new Australian culture, elegant style, unique choice of materials elegant, wool, linen, silk, cotton-based natural fiber materials to Australia, Japan , South Korea mainly imported fabrics, rich product mix. Long product life cycle. Advanced management concepts and efficient brand management mode together to create a new fashion oriental women's clothing culture and become the leader in the field of business casual wear. POZO COLLECTION takes "Talent is the capital of the enterprise and the quality is the life of the enterprise" as its business purpose. It owns a group of excellent design team, model production team, processing production team and marketing network team. With unique design thinking and unique The craft, sophisticated management methods, insist on every detail perfection, excellence.

China Beauty Network: Our Burberry women really is after a hundred years of cultural influence Haha, it does not know that our brand and brand orientation and consumer group positioning is like?

Feng total: Burberry's brand positioning is high-end fashion women, suitable for modern urban fashion women. Consumption of all positioning is about 40-year-old female business with a certain economic base and social status of female consumers.


China Beauty Network: I see the visit to our pavilion is indeed a lot of people, the franchisees to those who are most concerned about what is the problem? We have any feedback on our brand and opinion?

Feng total: Franchisee who are most concerned about is our consumer brand identity. Only consumers in the market agree with our brand, have a certain market share, dealers have the confidence to join our brand.

China Beauty Network: For example, I say it, usually shopping is usually very easy to those store design is very unique style store attracted, the store image for the brand is also believed to be a very important piece of our soft store this year, the image is how Like it?

Feng total: Bo soft brand new image combines the trend of international new decoration trends, the noble, simple, modern design concepts into the store decoration, the noble golden and elegant white combination, adhering to the elegant and stylish tonality, Outstanding furniture sense of sophistication and quality, so that customers have the warmth and privacy at home, feel the fashion, elegant living conditions, highlighting the noble and noble quality.


China Beauty Network: Then I also know that our brand after so many years of development, won a lot of honor, can you tell us?

Mr. Feng won many prizes such as "Love Enterprise Award" and "Style Brand Award" in 2008. In 2010, he was awarded as "Outstanding Enterprise of Shenzhen Enterprise Culture Construction in 2010" and "Outstanding Brand of Shenzhen International Enterprise in 2010" Fair best booth image award "and many other awards. In 2012, it won the "2012 (Sixth) Shenzhen Corporate Culture Festival only designated clothing brand.

China Beauty Network: Like to participate in the Shenzhen Garment Fair for our brand did play a very good role in promoting and enhancing our brand awareness, that addition, our brand there any other promotion?

Feng total: In addition to the show, we also have outdoor advertising, magazine ads, we can say that the brand is still very much publicity, do is also relatively in place.

China Beauty Network: It seems our promotion is very comprehensive, according to our survey of Chinese beauty network statistics, Berry brand in the market response has been very good, do not know in recent years or more Berry brand has What new development plan? Can we describe it?

Feng total: The first is to do our own brand bar, as long as their own strong, franchisee have confidence. There is more to the franchisee more benefits, both parties benefit from it. Then there is our team, we have been training a group of experienced, powerful, keen fashion insight professional development and design staff.

China Beauty Network: Thank you for your interview with Feng today, let us have a more in-depth understanding of Berjaya ladies brand, where I represent China, China, I wish you and your team at the clothing show made Successful, but also wish Burberry women's brand in the future development of better and better.

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