Earl Dracula men's effort to create men in the "East CHANEL (Chanel)"

COUNTDRACULA Earl of Dracula, nocturnal, immortal, his insidious pale face forever, beautiful mouth always hidden fangs and sacrificed blood; but he was well-dressed, courteous, emits a woman irresistible Charm. In 1462, the famous Florent III, the Prince of Dracula, the capital of Transylvania, the Romanian Duchy, abandoned the glory of God by the tragic death of his beloved Princess Elizabeth, vowed to be honored, Unlimited power, boundless magic, but also by the devil curse, become immortal body, all-day and darkness, blood companion, won the number of bloodthirsty king Dracula, since then, set off a world of 400 years Bloodthirsty legend. And all because of the infinite love of Lady Dracula to the lover Elizabeth. A continuation of love and the eternal brand --- COUNTDRACULA Earl Dracula men's efforts to create men in the "East CHANEL (Chanel)" the most mysterious figure in the dark, free fashion and alternative souls, yuppies and style , Classical and modern, luxury and simplicity, romance and beauty, everything in subversion, everything in the perfect fusion. Seeking the body cut plate type, filling the perfect figure. Low-key color and taste, highlighting the calm nature of men. Advocating minimalist style, highlighting the ultimate quality in simplicity. A life, an attitude. Dracula apparel accurate grasp of today's new generation of major consumer groups, "80,90 after" more popular fashion trends, the more emphasis on the choice of apparel brand features, style, uphold the simplicity of interpretation of the elegant temperament, interpretation of the personality Low-key fashion, and strive to create men in the "East CHANEL (Chanel)"; in quality, with needlework to ensure that luxury, with details to highlight the taste; in product prices, insist on "let consumers use domestic prices to consume International Brand of products. " Grasp their consumer needs, understand their spending power, to create their own oriental fashion men's image. Earl Dracula men's effort to create the men in the "East CHANEL (Chanel)" target consumer groups 20-40-year-old consumer groups, the pursuit of modern urban lifestyle tasteful aesthetic men. Avant-garde, thinking, understanding to enjoy life, gentle, generous, can calmly accept and face all the new things in life, both unique and highlight the low-key luxury quality. Has a distinct self-personality, and strive to show the unique unique self-taste.

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We have the beautiful Holly sheepskin coat which is available in three fantastic colours. There is the Brown, Black or Black with Cream available to purchase online or via the telephone. The Holly features a detachable hood, which can be easily removed using the concealed zip, and fantastic traditional design details which will make you love this sheepskin coat.

For a more classic look the Gillian Sheepskin coat is ideal. Featuring elegant panelling throughout and beautiful finish to the colour of the sheepskin your are sure to achieve a simple and classy look when teamed with your favourite outfit.

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