Han meaning brand discount women's apparel 2012 dominated apparel market

Han Yi discount women 's brand discount women's clothing wholesale base, the company registered as "Shenzhen Blue Grass Xuan Garments Co., Ltd." was established in 2000, after more than 11 years of experience in the operation of women's clothing, to continue the wholesale brand discount women's Based on the current formal implementation of the new mode of operation: a comprehensive Recruitment Franchise, agents, to further expand the market. The company in good faith to serve the purpose of the majority of female friends, providing quality and cheap brand women's supply, combined with wholesale, join and the agency's mode of operation, quickly popular, flow everywhere!


涵意品牌折扣女装 2012雄霸服饰市场
In the next two years will form the industry's largest brand discount women's distribution network, dominate the market. The new mode of operation will give each franchisee a solid platform, a strong support, a profit space! Connotation apparel brand discount currently with more than 5,000 brands of women's manufacturers to maintain good relations of cooperation to ensure that goods for all types of market demand, can fully meet the various consumer groups. Commodities to Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong and Shenzhen-based women's boutique, retail price positioning in the original price of goods hanging 1.5 fold sales, wholesale price positioning: Spring and summer goods 10-48 yuan supply, autumn and winter goods 30-120 yuan for The original goods price of 200-3000 yuan goods, product discount is only 0.3-1 fold. The company takes "unity of intension" as its image and uniform style and directly purchases from the first-tier manufacturers and directly reaches the outlets of retail, wholesale, franchising and agency to fully establish the service brand of "meaning", give full play to the strength of the upstream and downstream to form a " Meaning "personality distinctive brand features.

40S Cotton/Viscose 50/50 Yarn

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