Wear viva voce brand women feel the voice of life

viva voce from Paris, China Resources Apparel (Holdings) under the brand. China Resources Textile Group in addition to the country has more than 20 wholly-owned or holding production and brand operations, at the same time have CK CalvinKlein international apparel brand in China's long-term agency.


viva voce is a brand of China Resources Apparel (Holdings) Co., Ltd., a personalized fashion company focusing on creativity and R & D. The corporate culture of the company places great emphasis on the original spirit. Creating quality fashion is our internal training. Has a large number of creative teams active in different fields. viva voce has been working closely with famous fashion design studios in Milan, also has a research and development team in Paris, France, viva voce's creative team has a strong original motivation and international perspective. With our four major fashion weeks, the world's latest design exhibitions and even art galleries, viva voce is very good at catching the forefront of fashion trends.

Viva Vanessa viva voce Chinese brand name, meaning: from the voice of life. Focus on the concept statement, inspired by the creator rich and profound life experience. Against the designer's inner emotional level and the level of wisdom, abstract appearance after concluding the essence of life, with a simple shape contains unlimited possibilities of infinite meteorological expression.

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